Earth Day presents an opportunity for each of us to improve our local communities by making small contributions that collectively make a big difference. And TCL is taking the lead by continuing to make environmental sustainability an integral part of the company.

With our focus on improving the individual communities we live in to help build a sustainable future, we’ve established big goals we want to achieve by the end of 2020. TCL has committed to a tremendous enhancement to our packaging to add both recycled materials and recyclable content, and if that was not ambitious enough, we’re also building a 50-state recycling solution for TCL TV owners.

That’s right, we’re enabling TCL TV owners anywhere in the United States to be able to conveniently and easily recycle their TVs by the end of 2020. It’s a lofty goal that our Department of Environmental Sustainability is working tirelessly to turn into a reality for our customers.

Free TV Recycling Sponsored by TCL

Throughout the year you’ll be hearing how we’re taking big steps forward to achieve our 50-state recycling solution. And in honor of Earth Day this Sunday, we’re proud to announce that we’ve moved a lot closer.

TCL will begin sponsoring Free Television Recycling for New Hampshire residents starting this Earth Day weekend. Beginning today, families can drop-off their TVs FREE-OF-CHARGE at the Dover, New Hampshire location operated by Universal Recycling Technologies. This adds to TCL’s successful programs already in about half of the country.

As a thank you for taking part, consumers that drop-off a TV at the N.H. facility during Earth Day week (April 20 – 27) will receive a coupon code for a 10% discount on a new TCL Roku TV™, redeemable beginning today through April 27, 2018 on Amazon.*

Earth Day Tips from the TCL Team

TCL’s passion for introducing innovative, award-winning products comes from our enthusiastic employees. The TCL Team believes strongly in going above and beyond to provide the industry’s best customer experience, from the moment you buy a TCL Television and take it out of the box.

In that spirit, the TCL Team would like to take this opportunity on Earth Day weekend to provide some helpful tips for how you can make your own contributions toward a sustainable future.

  • Recycle your electronics. You can learn how to recycle televisions and other electronics products in your area by visiting TCL’s Sustainability website.
  • Before you throw out those wires, plugs, chargers, and other electronics accessories, drop them off at a participating local electronics store for recycling. Many retailers offer free drop-off for these smaller items, so be sure to take advantage of this before tossing them in the trash.
  • Bring your own coffee cups to work, instead of using paper or plastic cups, and try to avoid using plastic straws and lids whenever possible.
  • Minimize trash. Try to bring lunch in reusable containers and use refillable water bottles when you can.
  • Reuse printed documents as scratch paper.
  • Save energy by using long-lasting LED bulbs at home and in the office.
  • Make sure that items you recycle are actually recyclable. Many people throw items into the recycling bin because they “believe” they should be recyclable, like garden hoses, used pizza boxes, a pile of broken glass, or plastic grocery bags. Always check to make sure what you recycle is on the list of acceptable items.

* Redemption of discount using coupon code is subject to additional terms, conditions, and restrictions. Coupon code may only be redeemed on between 12:00 AM PDT on April 20, 2018 -- 11:59 PM PDT on April 27, 2018, and is subject to terms and conditions. Limit one (1) coupon code redemption per order per Amazon account. Must be sold by Amazon to qualify (no third-party sellers). Refurbished products excluded. Limit one (1) coupon code redemption for each one (1) TV recycled per household. Coupon code has no cash value. For additional terms, conditions, and restrictions, contact TCL North America.