The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored the TCLcares sustainability program with a Special Sustainability Leadership Award on March 30, pointing to the TCL brand for its efforts to keep free electronics recycling available to local communities during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

As a leading technology innovator driving the capabilities of connected entertainment and home comfort products to new heights, the TCL brand has quickly earned a coveted place in your home. We’re extraordinarily proud of that, and in our interconnected world where technology moves forward in one giant leap after another, our sense of responsibility has also evolved to keep pace.

This is where TCLcares comes in.

We Live by Our Values

TCL is more than just a company, and the TCL Team is more than just a group of people. When this group came together, we created a set of principles to ensure our decisions were focused on our users, employees, and the communities we serve each day. Each decision is filtered through this lens, and as we’ve grown it continues to help guide not just what we do but how we do it. We call it TCLcares.

We care for our users by creating amazing award-winning products, backed up by an award-winning customer service team that goes the extra mile each day. We care for our employees with one of the finest places to work in America, continually awarded Great Place to Work certification. We care for the communities we serve by giving back and helping through charitable work, volunteering, fundraising, and giving year-after year, assisting local organizations and foundations that are close to our employees’ hearts.

Innovating Sustainable Solutions

We also care for the environment, through our Sustainability Program that contributes toward minimizing our footprint each day, with an assortment of electronics recycling work that directly impacts local communities across the United States.

After a year like 2020 that was filled with so many new challenges, our TCLcares environmental sustainability work stands apart as a shining example of what an employee-driven program can do.

Our Sustainability Team had to rethink how to keep things running and get TCL’s electronics recycling events safely and conveniently back in communities, and after testing several approaches and working with its industry partners, TCL discovered a formula that could work and be reproduced across the country. This became the model for the TCL Take-Back Tour for cities across America in 2020 and 2021.

TCL Take-Back Tour Continues

In support of Earth Day, TCL is sponsoring several TCL Take-Back Tour events on April 17 and 24 to keep the momentum going.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency gave its stamp of approval to TCLcares’ sustainability efforts, honoring TCL with two separate awards for our work in local communities to advance electronics recycling and raise awareness for the enormous benefits recycling provides. In addition to the Special Sustainabilty Leadership Award, TCL also received the Gold-Tier Award for the third consecutive year, a mark of achievement that our entire team is incredibly proud of.

With an award-winning program that combines recycling with other innovations and initiatives in packaging, labeling, and energy efficiency, we’re advancing our TCLcares goals for our users and our employees. The TCL Team believes that you’re not just bringing our products into your homes, but more importantly into your communities. As a part of your communities, we’re working hard to provide solutions to help build a sustainable future for everyone.