As a top 2 best-selling TV brand in the U.S. for the last 4 years in a row, part of our responsibility is to make sure people get to know the unique experience we deliver.

We can do that by relying on all the great third-party reviews TCL TVs get year in and year out, gathering what seems like countless “Best of” and “Editor’s Choice” awards. Having trusted folks impartially saying things like our 6-Series is “the best TV for most people right now” (Wired, January 23. 2023) or that our 6-Series is “dangerously good” (Digital Trends, October 21, 2022).

But beyond that, as a company that built over 30 million TVs last year, we need to find partners to help deliver better experiences for fans everywhere. Partners who share our drive, our focus, and our commitment to excellence. Those phrases describe the National Football Association to a tee, and we are proud to be the Official Partner of the NFL!

The level of planning, drafting, preparing, and communication involved in the simple execution of a screen pass largely goes unseen by the millions of viewers who see it in action. Likewise, what needs to be done behind the scenes by everyone on our team, and our retail partner teams that let customers simply say aloud, “Watch NFL highlights on YouTube,” and somehow it works…every time.  It’s truly brilliant coaching that makes a difficult play look seamless.

And it’s truly great engineering that makes seamless streaming simple for our users. Simplicity and enjoyment: two cornerstones to our success.

Recognition and visibility like this will help take TCL to the next level. In addition to reviews, plus friends and neighbors lauding the many benefits of TCL ownership, having millions and millions of people see our branding every week in NFL stadiums across the country will help folks say, “Oh, that’s TCL! My buddy has one and he loves it.” 

With over 30 million TVs and 40 million mobile devices out there from last year, we’re excied that more people are getting to know TCL.

Introducing Brand Ambassador Justin Herbert

Just like getting more exposure will help shine a light on our great product, so too will more exposure with our new Brand Ambassador, Justin Herbert, who showcases both our excellence and his greatness and help in growing this reputation! 

This year, Justin set the NFL record for passing yards in his first three seasons while becoming the first player to ever throw for 4,000+ yards in each of his first three seasons.  Can I use the word “cannon” to describe an arm that unleashed a nearly 65-yard TD pass, while scrambling?!?!? 

It’s this kind of greatness with which we want to be partnered – and that we want to watch on our 98” TCL TV! We are excited to have him as our Brand Ambassador!

Your Passions, Our Partners

As part of our expanding NFL partnership, we will also have prominent exposure in some of the best stadiums in the country.

When watching the LA Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, and Atlanta Falcons, in upcoming seasons, TCL will be there with you!

TCL is a brand to always consider when looking to fill your consumer electronics and appliance needs.  Screens as large as 98-inches, pioneering innovations and leading the industry with innovations like introducing the world’s first Mini-LED TV and the world’s first big screen TV with Quantum Dot (QLED) color, ensure you have the best view of the game with TCL. And with partnerships with the NFL and teams across the league, plus Brand Ambassador Justin Herbert, we look forward to putting you closer to your favorite entertainment.