What does it take to be the Official TV of Call of Duty®?  A whole truckload of performance and gaming features, that’s what!

At TCL, we have always realized that a TV that can appeal to the challenging demands of passionate gamers helps make it a great TV for everyone! Like a car manufacturer who proudly boasts that their latest sports car can lead the pack at Germany’s renowned Nürburgring racetrack, they know that car enthusiasts will know it’ll perform exceptionally well on their favorite back road. 

It seems that just a short time ago, the only gaming question customers had was, “what’s the input lag?” For those new to this, input lag is generally the difference in time between hitting a button on your controller, and having the corresponding action happen on screen.  TCL 4K TVs were always amongst the best in this area. 

But today, with next-gen consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, plus amazing graphics cards from NVIDIA and others, the performance envelope expected of today’s TVs has challenged our talented engineers to deliver amazing gaming performance and incredible gaming response—no easy task!

Always a Perfect Playthrough

For 2022, TCL is once again, pushing the envelope. To get us up to date, TCL’s top gaming TVs deliver cutting edge features like (hold on to your acronyms, Batman!): 

  • An Auto Game Mode (ALLM) meaning you will automatically have the best mode for gaming or watching your favorite movie. 

  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which matches the frame rate of the TV with what it gets from the game and game console to virtually eliminate artifacts like tearing.
  • 4K gaming up to 120Hz, which adds to the powerful performance and immersive cinematics that already makes today’s TCL TVs amongst the best there are. 

How can things get better than this? We had to look small to go big!

If you look at avid gamers looking for the best performance, chances are you’ll see them huddled around the latest ultra-performance 144Hz gaming monitor, maybe squinting to see the status in their HUD, with buddies off to the sides barely able to see what’s going on.  I can almost picture the TCL engineers in the break room describing their kids doing that while playing Call of Duty when one of them said, “Eureka! We can do that on our premium big-screen TVs!”

Smoother, Faster Big-Screen Gaming

So, for 2022 we are proud to introduce TVs that build on our legendary gaming reputation and our already impressive arsenal of gaming features, by adding 144Hz gaming!


Now, when playing The Witcher video game on your next-gen game console, you can do it at a frame rate that is 6-times that of the show in which it’s based! Henry Cavill never looked so impressive! 

And we’re just getting started. We have much more in store to impress gamers for 2022, so stay tuned for more details closer to the launch of our all-new TVs.  But rest comfortably knowing that if our TVs can help you set the track record at the Le Mans Old Mulsanne Circuit in Forza 7, imagine how great it will look seeing Popeye Doyle chase down the sniper through the streets of Brooklyn in The French Connection. You will truly feel part of the action at all times, and you will enjoy more.