Maybe you started on Wolfenstein 3D or Sim City in the '90s, then moved on to World of Warcraft and Diablo III in later years. Now you are really into AAA games like the latest version of Call of Duty® or Forza Horizon 5.

And whether you are playing on the latest next-gen gaming console, or you’ve built your bleeding edge gaming rig with the most up-to-date hardware from AMD and NVIDIA, you’ve decided it’s time to get a more immersive experience with a great TV that can give you not only a great gaming experience, but also a great home theater experience for when you want to watch The Witcher instead of play The Witcher.

TCL has what we feel are the best gaming TVs on the market. From responsive, low input lag to advanced features like Auto Game Mode (ALLM), up to 240 VRR gaming, and AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Pro certification, we have ways to help you level up this year, from our latest 32” TVs up to (seriously!) 115-inches!

If you’re narrowed down the TV you must do a few things to make sure your environment is the right place to get the most enjoyment on the sticks. 

Here are my top 5 tips to you level up your gaming den.

Get the right size

These days, with so much content in 4K with VRR, it’s no longer a matter of, “sit far enough away so it doesn’t look blurry.” That’s an old metric.

Today, we want to think immersion, which is a little more personalized. Look at TVs around the house or in-store from where you think you’ll be sitting.

Are you leaning forward to see some important text? Maybe a bigger TV is in order. 

Do you find yourself uncomfortable looking from side-to-side at the image? Maybe move a tad further back or look at a slightly smaller screen. 

This mindset will help you find the right size.

Think about room lighting

Gaming in the dark can get fatiguing, so you will likely want some form of ambient light. If you get some lamps, try to find a “warmer” bulb, and those described in the 3000K-5000K range on the packaging. Also consider bias lighting on your TV.  These strips of LEDs attached to the back bezel not only are less obtrusive, and easier on the eyes, but they can also improve perceived contrast by relaxing your eyes irises.

Get comfy

There are lots of great gaming chairs out there, from low profile to desktop height. Find one that suits your needs and don’t scrimp. You’ll be spending lots of time there!

Audio matters

Every single little sound you hear in a game is a deliberate choice made by creators.

Imaging a movie being filmed in Central Park that has all sorts of natural ambient sounds to fill out the soundscape. It would be a shame if someone created all that and it was lost on you.

While there are a variety of great gaming headphones on the market that provide solid sound quality, none can replicate the feeling of space that a good sound bar delivers.

Want to really feel part of the action? A great sound bar with Dolby Audio or, even better, Dolby Atmos is the only way to go. Hint: look no further than the Official Sound Bar Partner of Call of Duty®.

Dial things in

Know all the great ways your TCL TV can improve your gaming experience! Depending on your TV and gaming setup, here’s just a few things to review:

  • For more responsive gaming you can set the output of you game console/PC to combinations such as 4K/120Hz, 4K/144Hz, 1440p/120Hz, or even 1080p/240Hz depending on you resolution and speed preferences.
  • Make sure Game Mode is enabled and VRR is enabled.
  • Use the TCL Game Bar to get vital stats like your FPS, HDR and VRR status, plus access options like picture modes, an aiming aid, and even the ability to customize your playable screen to a 21:9 aspect ratio to complement the growing library of PC games that support that cinematic aspect ratio.

TCL is here to play

Dedicated gamers are never shy about making their space their own, and at TCL, as the Official TV and Sound Bar Partner of Call of Duty®, we know these players well!

If you follow the above tips while getting your gaming den set up, you’ll be more successful in the latest campaign, clip those apexes and use the curbs for you best lap time at the Nürburgring, and score that game-winning touchdown in the latest Madden game.

Good luck!