When it comes to home entertainment, sound quality is just as important as picture quality. After all, what's a great movie without the riveting sound effects, captivating score, and crisp dialogue that connects you to the story that's unfolding?

That's where DTS Virtual:X comes in to bring the immersive cinema experience you crave into your living room.

What is DTS Virtual:X Technology?

DTS Virtual:X is an audio processing technology that creates virtual surround sound using just two speakers. It was developed by DTS, which has a long history of creating its high-quality audio technologies used in cinemas, home theaters, and even mobile devices.

What's unique about DTS Virtual:X is that it is designed to work with any content, whether it's a movie, TV show, music, or video game. It analyzes the audio signal from the content you're enjoying, and then using advanced algorithms creates a 3D sound experience that immerses you further in the action—even without a room full of speakers!

How Does DTS Virtual:X Work?

DTS Virtual:X uses psychoacoustic sound tricks to create the illusion of sound coming from all around you.

Leveraging a combination of signal processing (the source content's audio) and audio post-processing (DTS's secret sauce), a virtual sound field is created that expands beyond the physical limitations of your speakers. All this means that even with just a couple of speakers, you can experience a dramatically improved audio experience without placing speakers and running wires around the room!

This technology can improve two channel stereo or even older mono content to create a more immersive experience. So, even if you're watching an old movie or listening to a song in stereo, DTS Virtual:X can make that stereo content feel like it's surrounding you; left and right, above and below, or even from behind you.

What Makes DTS Virtual:X Different?

DTS Virtual:X is not the first technology to offer virtual surround sound, but it sets itself apart in a few ways.

First, DTS Virtual:X is designed to work with any content, not just specific formats. So, you get all the benefits of DTS Virtual:X no matter what you're watching or listening to, or where you might be streaming it from.

DTS Virtual:X is also optimized for a variety of speaker configurations, including sound bars, TVs, and more. This makes it incredibly accessible, and it's why we're excited to offer it on many of our latest sound bars, all the way down to our 2.1 Channel S Class sound bar. Even if you don't have the space or budget for a full surround sound system, we are building on exciting technology like this to make it easier than ever to get cinema-quality sound at home!

Lastly, DTS Virtual:X is constantly evolving and improving. DTS shook up the industry thirty years ago, when it made its cinematic debut in a thriller you might have heard of... Jurassic Park. Since perfecting that spine-chilling soundtrack, DTS has remained committed to continually updating and enhancing its technology, especially for movie-goers to enjoy at home.

DTS Virtual:X in Action

TCL worked with the experts at DTS to bring their revolutionary spatial audio tech to many of our latest S Class and Q Class sound bars.

Our latest generation of Sound Bars feature sleek and modern designs that can easily fit into any living room. They're also available with a wireless subwoofer for added bass to transform your sound even more. Plus, our range-topping S Class and Q Class sound bars add rear speakers for even more immersive sound.

With DTS Virtual:X, TCL's sound bars put sound all around you in a 3D soundstage with a level of quality that was previously only available in cinemas.

When you watch that scene of the T-Rex chasing the Jeep in Jurassic Park, it will sound like the menacing roar of the T-Rex is actually coming up from behind you, putting you in the middle of this heart-pounding scene!

Why DTS Virtual:X is a Game-Changer for Home Audio

DTS Virtual:X will take you from flat experiences to sensory adventures, transforming your movies, music, or games with life-like sound that envelops you from above, beside, and behind! But the benefits don't end there...

Affordable and Accessible

A full surround sound system isn't feasible for everyone. DTS Virtual:X changes that by making virtual surround sound accessible and affordable.

With just a sound bar, you can experience sound that mimics that of a full surround sound system.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Setting up a full surround sound system can be daunting. After all, not everyone is a home theater guru. But, nearly everyone can appreciate being drawn into their favorite movies, shows, or video games.

DTS Virtual:X eliminates all the hassle by being easy to set up and use.

You don't have to worry about speaker placement or complicated wiring. Simply connect your TCL sound bar featuring DTS Virtual:X to your TV, and the technology will do the rest. Cinema-like experiences—even in an apartment or dorm room—can be had with TCL.

A More Immersive Experience

With DTS Virtual:X, no matter where you are in the room, you'll feel like you're in the middle of the action.

Its ability to up-mix stereo content, regardless of the source, is incredible. But it doesn't stop there. Enjoy multi-channel virtual surround sound in addition to bass and dialog enhancement.

That's how it can intelligently breathe new life into even old movies to make them more immersive.

Take Your Home Entertainment to the Next Level with DTS Virtual:X

At TCL, we don't think anyone should settle for mediocre sound quality. Enter TCL Sound Bars and DTS Virtual:X. The right upgrade is all you need for a more compelling movie night.