If the first thing you think of when someone says “TCL” is “wine cooler,” …Well, I don’t know what to tell you. You may be in the minority. 

But that is all changing 😊.

People know us for our TVs. Big, bright, beautiful TVs. But just like people never associated “Toyota” with “luxury car” (think Lexus), or an “electric car” with “performance” (enter Lucid, Tesla, and Formula E), TCL is solidifying its already strong global position in home appliances and bringing some of our best products to North America this year. 

Building on Appliance Leadership

Did you know that TCL has the largest major appliance manufacturing plant in Asia? We have a manufacturing capacity of over 30 million appliances annually! Plus, our Industrial Park is over 400 acres in size!

With this great scale, we can deliver some truly amazing products, and one of my favorites is our new Dual-zone Beverage and Wine Cooler. It combines the ability to keep your wine and other beverages tasting their best, with some truly amazing innovations that make it…. Well, cool!

Dual Delight

One distinguishing characteristic of a premium cooler is having two independent zones. Wine enthusiasts I know say that the ideal chilling temperature of sparkling wine is 40°, white wine is at 45°, and red wine is at 58°, meaning your wines have different needs.

Add to that beautiful craft beer tastes its best at around 40°. As a result, having two zones to work with is ideal. And our digital control means consistent temps for whatever beverage you’re chilling.

On our latest cooler, the left section can be changed between 40° to 65° and the right side can be changed between 37° and 50°. This flexibility keeps all your beverages tasing their best.

Premium Design

In addition to flexible chilling, the left-hand side has premium, seven slide-out wooden shelves, ideal for wine bottles, while the right has 5 slide-out metal racks, ideal for 12oz. or 16oz. cans.

All this storage adds up to a total capacity of 20 bottles of wine and 78 cans.

Adding to the premium experience is attractive LED lighting on both sides, which can be changed adjusted to red, white or blue hues. 

Because beverages can be susceptible to light that can ruin the taste, the front of the cooler is constructed of double pane, UV resistant glass. This adds efficiency and protection. For further protection, there are internal carbon filters for the chilled air.  

Of course, we want this cooler to fit in any décor. To that end, it’s designed to be free-standing, or can be bult-in conveniently under a standard 36" countertop. 

All of this is wrapped in a beautiful cabinet, with gorgeous stainless handles. So, you have looks, brains, and convenience, to keep all your favorite beverages ready for your next watch party and help you cool down when the game gets hot.