As you may have seen already, our friends and partners at Roku have introduced Roku OS 9.4, which over the coming months will bring a whole bunch of awesome new features to what is already America's #1 streaming platform¹. I think at last count, they had like a gazillion happy streamers 😊! 

But at TCL, we wanted our customers to know that our team has also been working with Roku to ensure that your TCL TV experience keeps getting better and better.

A few of my favorite things about OS 9.4 include a new look to the Options menus (waaay cool looking), the new themes are just plain fun, and the integration of more free content into the Live TV Channel Guide simply shows that teams behind your TCL TV are helping you enjoy more.

And if you are an Apple fan, our work with Apple and the iOS ecosystem means even more people can enjoy Roku their way, meaning 2017 and newer TCL 4K TVs will be compatible with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. 

But there are some amazing new updates for TCL owners that also show we’ve been listening closely to our customers.

As we’ve previously discussed, we are rolling out some advanced HDMI features for select 2019 TVs, to complement features already found on our latest generation 5-Series and 6-Series. Those features include:

HDMI eARC which will be rolled out with the latest Roku OS updates, enabling advanced HDMI connectivity on 2019 8-Series, 2019 6-Series, and 2019 5-Series 55” and 65” models (55S525 & 65S525).


Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), coming to the 2019 6-Series 55” model (55R625). When a game consoles frame-rates changes, and the TV’s display doesn’t keep up with those changes, tearing of video frames can create distracting artifacts that take players focus away from the game, with VRR, you eliminate that and the player stays engaged in the game!

TCL Variable Refresh Rate VRR

When the first TCL Roku TV was launched back in 2014, we could not even imagine how this partnership would change the landscape of steaming for everyone! And with this latest update, it only serves to demonstrate our commitment to not only making the best products for new customers, but also that we continue to support our existing customers and want to ensure their experience keeps getting better.

The free, automatic software update will start rolling out later this month and we expect all of the above-mentioned sets to be updated by the end of the year. Stayed tuned over the coming months to get all these new features and certainly use your TCL TV to…enjoy more.

¹ Source: Kantar, based on streaming hours, May 2020