Over the holidays, I took advantage of the local movie theater offer to “rent your own theater.”  I took my family, safely, out for a day at the movies.  Aside from the sticky floor, not being in my own chair, and overpriced concessions, seeing a movie on a giant screen with amazing digital audio reminded me why we love this so much, and why being a home theater enthusiast means we are in a golden age of home entertainment.

As we spend more and more time at home, and content delivery methods are shifting to support in-home consumption (e.g. Wonder Woman 1984 debuting the same day in the theaters and streaming), what if we could deliver that same immersive experience in the home?

Until now, many people looking for a “movie theater at home” had to turn to a front projector setup.  While that gives you the size you want, there are so many trade-offs and compromises—lighting, image brightness, wiring, to name a few. That makes it impractical for most families.

For 2021, TCL is extremely excited to introduce our XL Collection of 85” TVs to truly bring the movie theater experience to your home, without compromise. 

Total Immersion

What does “XL” mean in the world of TVs? In a word: immersion.  One of the things that took our breath away when the Star Destroyer loomed overhead attacking the Rebel Blockade Runner in the beginning of Star Wars IV: A New Hope was that it seemed to take up our whole field of view. More realistically, studies show that watching a giant screen movie, and having about a 50- to 60-degree field of view is one of the key factors that makes us feel immersed in a movie.  That feeling isn’t possible in most environments with a 55” or 65” TV.  With the XL Collection though, a great seating position at home can give you the same incredible experience as a great seat at the theater! 

To make you feel part of the action of the latest blockbuster or prime time show, these new TVs deliver!  An 85” TV delivers an astonishing 71% more viewing area than a 65”, while only being less than 17 ½” wider!

Perfect for Any Home Theater

All of our new TV in the XL Collection come with all the great performance and features you can only get from a truly vertically integrated brand. What that means, simply, is that we make all our own stuff!  It’s that quality and value that has earned us the coveted Reader Choice Award from PC Magazine for our TVs for an unprecedented 3rd year in a row, along with customer satisfaction that readers say, “no one else can touch.”

With our XL Collection for 2021, TCL delivers a full range of 85” TVs with giant screen performance levels for every kind of home theater. From our simply smart 4-Series for the easiest way to access 4K HDR performance, to our 4K 85” with QLED, Contrast Control Zones and Dolby Vision, all the way to our ultimate 85” 8K, with QLED wide color, our third generation Mini-LED backlight technology with thousands of Contrast Control Zones, TCL is ready to be the centerpiece of your home theater!