Before the sun opens her eyes, most of us have already started our daily routine, and with Earth Day just around the corner it will probably not be very different. We’ll wake to “Happy Earth Day” greetings and an overarching message that we need to do our part to improve the environment. And then most of us will go about our day as usual.

TCL wants to give Earth Day a renewed sense of purpose and importance, both globally and in our own communities. We can all make tiny adjustments that will, over time, make a huge impact on our communities.

TCL has made Caring for our Planet one of the four pillars of its company culture. That’s right, employees created the #TCLCares program with four simple rules that guide our decisions each and every day. The fourth pillar proudly says that we have an obligation to minimize our footprint on the planet our users and employees call home.

So, Earth Day isn’t just another holiday ripe for promotion. It’s a day we can celebrate and raise awareness of what we’re doing and how you can do your part.

How is TCL helping you? Our award-winning televisions don’t just deliver premium picture performance and endless entertainment, we also have cool features and initiatives to help you make every day Earth Day.

Did you know that our TCL Roku TVs can be set to automatically shut off following a period of inactivity? The Auto Power Savings feature provides additional options to conserve energy as well.

Want more? Our Contrast Control Zone technology not only gives you brighter whites, deeper blacks, and better picture contrast, it can also help with your electric bill. With up to 160 zones, our localized dimming technology uses less energy. So, go ahead and pat yourself on the back while you relax and watch your favorite shows on your TCL Roku TV.

It’s our passion to help you from the moment you decide to purchase your first TCL Roku TV to when it’s time to recycle your old one. When you’re ready to upgrade, we’re helping reduce electronic waste with recycling solutions that keep TVs and other electronics out of landfills one community at a time.

Last year we recycled over 14,000,000 pounds of electronics and in 2019 we’re aiming for more than 28,000,000 pounds. That’s like recycling a 32-inch TCL Roku TV every ten seconds!

And throughout 2019, we’ll be announcing exciting environmental activities designed to play a crucial role in improving local communities. So stay tuned!

What can you do right now to make Earth Day more than just a special date on the calendar so it becomes part of your daily routine?

  • Limit water use every time you turn on the faucet.
  • Turn off all the lights before you leave, or install energy-saving sensors.
  • Opt for a reusable coffee cup and water bottle so you don’t throw away single-use containers.
  • Take a moment to look at what you’re recycling to make sure it’s actually recyclable, and add it to the correct bin.
  • Bookmark the TCL Sustainability Page as a reference when you need to recycle your end-of-life electronics. Always look for a recycling or reuse alternative.

TCL wants to make Earth Day more than just one day a year. We’re here for our customers from the moment you purchase your TCL TV to when it’s time to upgrade and find a recycling solution. We continue to set comprehensive sustainability goals and challenge ourselves to exceed them. Make sure to follow us on social media to hear about our latest environmental and #TCLCares initiatives!

TCL North America’s company culture is based on four pillars:

  • TCL Cares for our users. It is our responsibility to add joy and simplification to their lives by innovating and advancing technology.
  • TCL Cares for our employees. It is our commitment to provide an environment that embraces diversity, excellence, learning, and laughter.
  • TCL Cares for the communities we serve. We are all one and we are committed to find ways to give back and make a positive impact.
  • TCL Cares for our planet. We have an obligation to minimize our footprint on the planet our users and employees call home.