This might date me, but my fondest memories of “having what was needed” for the best gaming experience meant having enough quarters in my pockets to play an afternoon of Zaxxon or Galaga when I rode my bike to the arcade. 

Times have changed a little…

Even a few short years ago, gamers looking for a new TV only asked, “what’s the input lag,” and left it at that. Now thanks to next-gen game consoles, plus a new generation of computer graphics cards from AMD and others, the demands of gamers have dominated the TV landscape recently—especially at TCL.

Fortunately, TCL TVs have what it takes to deliver a truly exceptional gaming experience, from casual gamers to the most avid enthusiasts, we have a TV for you. That’s how you become the Official TV of Call of Duty®.

Be Ready to Play

Even our 4-Series offers stunning 4K resolution and impactful HDR to support AAA titles. It also includes a dedicated Game Mode for a low input lag that would have had gamers twitching (pun intended) just a few short years ago. 

Our 5-Series not only delivers on its promise of Premium Picture, but it offers incredible gaming performance thanks to the Game Studio PlusTM suite of features, which includes QLED wide color, Dolby Vision HDR, Auto Game Mode, Variable Refresh Rate, and AMD FreeSyncTM certification. Plus, 5-Series is available in an assortment of screen sizes ranging from 50” to 75”. It’s got everything you need for to deliver a great picture for both TV watching and gaming.

Our Best Gaming TV Gets Better

At the top of the heap is the new, amazing 6-Series. The 6-Series has long been synonymous with Powerful Performance for TV watchers, movie buffs, and of course gamers.


The 6-Series has always found its way on to “Best Gaming TVs” lists from reviewers. Let’s look at what got us there, and what makes the latest generation even better. On the 2022 6-Series, our new Game Studio ProTM suite gets you:

144Hz VRR Gaming

Simply put: more frames-per-second makes for smoother gameplay.  Most TVs have 60Hz (60 frames-per-second).  Thanks to HDMI 2.1 and advanced panels, many flagship TVs recently added 120Hz gaming. But for the ultimate experience, gamers were mostly relegated to super small, but high-performing 144Hz gaming monitors…until now.

TCL’s new 6-Series can deliver variable refresh rate up to a blazing-fast 144Hz, and do so on an immersive, home theater-sized screen up to 75-inches.

Variable Refresh Rate

What if a game creator wants to prioritize game feel with high frame rates to tell their story? Or insert a beautiful cinematic cutaway to help narrate the story and draw you in? If the TV can’t match these changing framerates, the result can include some pretty distracting artifacts, like tearing of the image.

TCL’s new 6-Series (and 5-Series) can adapt to the different frame rates. Called Variable Refresh Rate (or VRR), this technology helps to deliver an artifact-free gaming experience. The new 6-Series is even AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Pro certified, meaning you can enjoy the best performance when using compatible gaming devices, like the new Xbox Series X that use AMD processors.


Of course, all this can be delivered in breathtaking 4K resolution. The new 6-Series has our best 4K connectivity to date, with 2 ports supporting 4K gaming up to 144Hz, and a separate one for eARC connectivity for your home theater system.

Remember, you can also enjoy an easy audio upgrade with a TCL Alto Sound Bar, allowing you to quickly add premium sound with one remote, quick settings, and a simple setup. Just look for TCL Alto Sound Bars (sold separately) featuring the Roku TV ReadyTM badge, and you’ll truly have everything you need to level up.


All this tech would not be helpful if it weren’t easy to access. Auto Game Mode (also called ALLM) on 5-Series and 6-Series means the TV handles it all.

Imagine you’re watching Uncharted on your TV, dialed in for cinematic viewing with Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos®, and suddenly you want to play the game the movie was based on? When you start playing the game, all those great gaming features get triggered on the TV automatically, so you get the best gaming experience without doing a thing other than becoming Nathan “Nate” Drake!

So, there you have it, the gaming features of TCL TVs for 2022, continuing the tradition of having something for everyone, including the casual gamer, and even the most avid Call of Duty® competitive player. It’s going to be a great year for gaming!