If there was a Jeopardy category for, “words that start with ‘Q’,” what would the answers be?

  • Quintessential
  • Quotable
  • Quirky
  • Quality
  • Quixotic

They’d have their hands full coming up with questions for those answers!

While we don’t feel that our new Q-Series lineup of TVs are “extravagantly romantic,” we do feel that they are “the representation or essence of a thing,” and are certainly “very good, well put-together!”

More specifically, getting one of the new Q-Series TVs means users will get one of our best TVs ever made, from the compelling color of the Q6, to the true premium picture of the Q7, up to the flagship performance of the QM8.

Q-Series has something for every discerning binge streamer, sports fan, movie lover, and gamer in 2023.

Improved Color & Brightness

Starting with our Q6, you get performance that was previously reserved for flagship TVs, starting with TCL’s Quantum Dot QLED color performance – the gold standard of color reproduction. Want vivid yet accurate colors in any lighting environment? QLED delivers, and TCL has been making big-screen Quantum Dot TVs since 2015—longer than anyone! 

Add to that our new HighBright display and your brightness dramatically increases. Displaying this on our high-performance panels means stunning contrast. Great new cosmetics with adjustable feet-spacing and gaming features that include Auto Game Mode, Variable Refresh Rate, and up to 120Hz VRR, means all this picture performance is backed up by some seriously cool features!

Every Feature You Can Imagine

Stepping up to our Q7, you’ll get some of the latest premium TV features, previously unheard of outside of flagship TVs. Brighter than ever, with our HighBright Pro Display, we are looking at twice the brightness of previous models. And our Full Array Pro delivers over 5x the number of zones of previous TVs. This 120Hz TV with Full Array Local Dimming delivers the movie watching experience that home theaters were made for. Gamers will also enjoy the ultimate fast-response experience on the big screen with our Game Accelerator featuring up to 240Hz VRR, plus FreeSyncTM Premium Pro.

So, it’s an AMAZING TV for fast motion, action movies, sports, and gaming! What more could you want?

Pinnacle of Quality

For the most discerning home theater enthusiast we present our most no-compromises, highest-performance TV ever: the QM8.

Flagship? Class-leading? Sets the bar? The QM8 is all that and more! Take everything the Q7 has, and “turn it up to 11” (thank you Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap). Mini-LED has been accepted as the benchmark for delivering the amazing level of brightness and our HighBright ULTRA Display executes on the promise of QLED color like no other TV technology can. Bringing twice the brightness of lasts year’s (already awesome) Mini-LED TVs, and up to 5x the number of local dimming zones (up to an industry-leading 2,300+ zones), means searingly bright specular highlights right next to deep rich blacks! We also incorporate all the great gaming features found on the Q7, add IMAX Enhanced Certification and a breathtaking new cosmetic design, and you get the ultimate home theater TV.  Oh, did I mention that it will be available in a wall-devouring 98” screen size? Wow!

To Quote reviews of our 2022 QLED Mini-LED TV, we are “Pushing the Boundary,” and it’s no Quandary that reviewers continue to put us on their “Best TVs” lists.

So, this Quick post about the Quality of our Q-Series should Quench your thirst until sets start to arrive in Q2. They’ll be part of our Quiet continuing Quest to make technology more accessible. When it arrives, you’ll see that our new Q-Series is anything but Quotidian.