To say TCL is on-the-move this year would be an understatement!

We are moving up to bigger and better TVs, more sound bars, and a whole new array of home appliances. We’ll also introduce an assortment of amazing new phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, for 2023.

Did you know that TCL made over 40 million handsets last year?

From rugged, simple to use flip phones to amazing 5G stylus-driven phones with software that maximizes productivity, our smartphone lineup continues to raise the bar. Plus, our "5G for all" promise continues in 2023.

New 5G Smartphones Let You Capture Greatness

We are launching our TCL 40 Series lineup which has options ranging from 5G connectivity, amazing long-lasting batteries, and super high-resolution cameras. There are models that even have stereo speakers and up to a 90Hz refresh rate display for those mobile gamers out there.

If you miss the feel of good old-fashioned reading on paper, you owe it to yourself to take our new NXTPAPER tablets for a spin.  Like the satisfying feel of lowering a high precision tone arm and cartridge onto your favorite vinyl, NXTPAPER mimics the classic perfection of paper, all while reducing harmful blue light by 61% compared to regular screens. We even have this unique display technology on the TCL BOOK X12 Go, TCL’s first 2-in-1 laptop, for powerful computing and readability in one device!

Smaller Devices, More Immersive Experiences

Looking at one of our amazing new screens can be a great experience, but what about looking through the display to have it simply augment the world around you?!

That’s the experience you will get with our next-generation AR glasses. If phrases like “binocular full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide display” get your attention, you are gonna LOVE these new glasses.  A display ideal for both indoors and outdoors, you can comfortably wear them and use for navigation, taking pictures, listening to music, and even doing real-time translations or identifying landmarks. No more asking, “what monument is that?!”

Ready for the big screen experience while sitting on the plane, 36,000 feet in the air? Our Incredible NXTWEAR V will blow you away. Weighing in at barely 8 ounces, they are designed for all-day comfort.  Then, using the power of CSOT—TCL’s amazing panel manufacturing arm—you can enjoy a breathtaking 130” viewing experience using our newest micro-OLED displays. Gaming and movie watching has never been cooler!

And if hearing is believing, you will become a true believer with our MOVEAUDIO AIR true wireless earbuds. You get a great combination of immersive audio with all-day listening. They come with all-day comfort too, plus super-fast connectivity means they’re easy to use too!

At TCL, we also want ALL of your devices to be connected to super-fast networks. That’s why we have the LINKZONE 5G, which just launched.  Securely connect up to 32 devices for blistering 5G streaming, using the easy-to-read touchscreen, and even use it to charge other devices with built-in charging ports! 

See? 5G for all! We mean it.

At TCL, we want to make our users’ lives easier, with great performance, great ease of use, and achievable price points. These great products will have you “ready to go” in no time!