As part of our philosophy at TCL to bring enjoyment to our users through the thoughtful execution of technology, we realize that an important part of enjoyment is comfort.  And comfort not only speaks to settling into your favorite comfy chair (no, we don’t make those…yet 😊), but also means the temperature, humidity and air quality in your house are a distant thought. To a large degree, enjoying your comfort means forgetting about it.  Enter our 2021 Home Comfort appliances and innovations.

This year we will be rolling out an all-new TCL Home App. With it, our goal will be to give you control not only of your home comfort appliances, but eventually all of your WiFi-enabled TCL products. Set your temp, humidity level, fan speed, and more, from anywhere. When you get home, all you’ll say is “ahhhh!”

Of course, a great app is nothing without great product, and for 2021, TCL has a full array of home comfort appliances for any room in the house.

When Willis Carrier introduced air conditioning with the goal of cooling down a paper plant in the midst of a sweltering summer in Brooklyn, New York, I bet he never imagined how much he’d change the world. Cooling has come a long way and today TCL has an air conditioning solution for nearly any application. In sizes ranging from 5,000 BTU to giant 18,000 BTU, our window and through-the-wall units are efficient, quiet, and flexible. Odd window issues? Our portable air conditioners extract the heat through a simple to install exhaust hose. 

If your needs call for moisture removal over cooling, our line of dehumidifiers will keep air nice and dry, and we even have options to pump the removed water out of the house…never empty a bucket again!

In today’s world, air purification is also on the top of everyone’s mind.  TCL’s upcoming Breeva Air Purifier, announced for the first time at last week's virtual Consumer Electronics Show, is not only attractive, unobtrusive (as low as 20db..quieter than a library!), and incredibly effective, removing smoke, pet dander, and it captures 99.97% of all particles. In fact, in a moderate size room (13’ x 13’) it will do all that while exchanging all the air up to 4 times per hour!

Not only is the goal to get all these great appliances controlled using your TCL Home App, but many of them also integrate easily into your existing smart home environment thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google.

So, while home comfort isn’t as dramatic and exciting as a wall-devouring 85” TCL QLED TV or perhaps one of our Alto Sound Bars with Dolby Atmos delivering 3D sound, being comfortable while enjoying your favorite movie or TV show is an important part of the experience. Let TCL smartly attend to all your Home Comfort needs in 2021.