There was SO MUCH to see this year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Doing a quick Google search will show you everything from self-driving motorcycles to smart dogs! While I personally didn’t get out to see all of the cool stuff throughout the enormous show, there were so many great things to see right within the TCL booth. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite highlights.

In the US, TCL is best known for GREAT TVs, and what was evident by our CES booth is that 2019 will continue our reputation for exactly that. For starters, we announced a new and incredibly awesome 75” version of our award-winning 6-Series TV, available for pre-order right now! And for later this year, we announced new picture performance technologies that will go toe-to-toe with some of the BEST TVs available! 


Quantum Color for an incredibly vivid picture? checkmark

Quantum Contrast for some of the deepest blacks and brightest whites on screen at the same timecheckmark

Quantum Clarity with more than 33,000,000 pixels on screen (compared to about 2,000,000 on today’s best 1080p TVs)? checkmark

An amazing voice assistant with far field microphones for a seamless entertainment search? checkmark

We didn’t stop at televisions and picture performance technologies either. At CES 2019, we even announced families of sound bars and headphones to better immerse our customers in their favorite entertainment, even when they’re not in their living room!

CES TCL Headphones

So, 2019 is definitely going to be an exciting year!

But with a company of over 75,000 employees and 35 research centers globally, we had to show some cool technology that hints at the future beyond 2019, right!? Boy how did we!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was everywhere, and TCL had it in spades!  AI will not only make your house smarter, but also will work to enhance the picture and sound in your home theater as well.

We showed technology that had your house reminding you that you left the front door open, and even a refrigerator that helped you with ordering groceries. Imagine a world where you never ran out of bacon!

TCL Smart Home Products

TCL even displayed bedroom and bathroom technology that recognized your sleeping and bathing habits and anticipated them to make your routine more effective. (A demonstration of this technology led one attendee to claim this was the most intuitive, impactful example of Smart Home technology at the ENTIRE SHOW!)

We showed tons of future tech from a 118” TV to AI technology that can tell the difference between fall leaves in New England and summer leaves in the Smoky Mountains, and adjust the picture on your TV accordingly.

At TCL, we want to make entertainment accessible and easy to use, and with all of the incredible technology we showed at CES this year, we plan to use that technology to make the lives of our customers even better. Here’s to looking forward to the year ahead!

To see more of TCL's booth and announcements from CES, take a look at the video below.