Since entering the US market in 2012, TCL has strived to deliver a great user experience.

Whether it be ease of use, simple set up, or a great picture, TCL has award-winning TVs that put sports fans closer to their favorite entertainment.

Every week, millions of fans watch the NFL, making it clear that America loves when their favorite team goes for it on 4th and 2!  And what else needs to be said about a championship game that is simply referred to as, “The Big Game.”

The closest thing to being in the stands

At TCL, we are also fans of this incredible sport. Starting this month, TCL is proud to be the Official TV of the NFL!

We would all LOVE to be in Arizona on February 12th for the Super Bowl, see its inevitably amazing action, not to mention what will undoubtedly be show-stopping performance by Rihanna.

Sure, there are plenty of good TVs out there, but no ordinary display can capture moments like this.

What makes TCL the ideal partner of the greatest sport in the world? Two words that can also describe the ideal defensive end: Bigger and Better.

You need great technology to deliver a great picture, and TCL leads in so many ways. To get the brightest picture for watching the early game with all your blinds open, we have the power of our Mini-LED technology. Bright, vibrant, yet detailed and precise, you’ll see the action so clearly, you’ll know why the coach pulled the red flag from his sock for a Coaches Challenge before he did!

If you know that “silver and blue” vs “black and gold” means another legendary Cowboys-Steelers matchup, then you know how important accurate colors are! TCL delivers with a growing lineup of QLED TVs. TCL led the way by introducing the world’s first big screen Quantum Dot TV back in 2015. Plus, as a member of the QLED alliance, we know what NFL broadcasters know: a TV with QLED delivers simply stunning colors.

Imagine every play on the field, only bigger

So, BETTER is awesome, but BIGGER is also a key part of feeling like you are part of the game!

Being one of the few TV brands that’s vertically integrated, we are proud to say that we make all our own stuff!  So, when you are watching that last-minute march down the field with time running out on a TCL TV, you are watching it on a TCL panel, made in our newest 260-acre facility that produced the equivalent of 38,000 football fields of panels in the first half of 2022 alone!

This is what allows TCL to be a huge player in big screens.

We currently make TVs up to a wall-devouring 98" screen size. However, the lineup has everything from 32" TVs (prefect for Zoom calls with the buddies you dominated in this week’s fantasy match-up), to all the popular large screen sizes. From our value-leading 85" models to the upcoming videophile caliber Q-Series – including our largest 98" Mini-LED TV – we’ve got a TV for every home theater.

With bigger and better TVs more affordable than they have ever been, there’s never been a better time to be a football fan and the most popular sport in America deserves a great gameday TV.

As the Official TV of the NFL, we are proud to be recognized as a partner who can deliver our users the best experiences, make it accessible, and help get the best sport fans in the world ready for Sunday!