If your home has a TCL Roku TV in it then you’re no stranger to good value. TCL has been blessing homes, RVs and wherever else you put a TV in the United States for years, delivering lifelike picture, immersive gaming performance, and a beautifully intuitive interface, all bundled up in the best value around. But, we aren’t a one trick pony. So, we asked ourselves, what complements a great TV?

Like peanut butter to chocolate, wine to cheese or Kermit and Miss Piggy (I am still personally distraught over their public breakup in 2015), a great TV needs an equally good sound bar. While both products can strongly stand alone on their own merits, the union of TV and sound bar provide a home theater experience that you and your loved ones can enjoy at any time. This is where we come in, TCL is very happy to say, we have sound bars. On sale. Right now. Select the sound bar that fits your specific needs (I’ll explain in a moment). Simple and painless.

Our new line of Alto sound bars will provide you with the simplistic setup that’s a hallmark of TCL products and a beautiful audio experience regardless of what content you’re streaming, no matter what volume. What that means is that you’ll hear clean, loud sound while you watch John McClane unload copious amounts of ass kicker-y inside the Nakatomi Corporation in Die Hard (arguably one of the best holiday movies of all time).

The Specifics

TCL has launched two new lines of sound bars – the Alto 5 with convenient setup and great audio performance for TVs 43” and larger, as well as the Alto 7 with more connectivity and audio performance for TVs 55” and up - in two form-factors for each series. Both the Alto 5 + and Alto 7+ come equipped with a wireless subwoofer which is the best solution for big-screen home theaters. They are acoustically tuned to reveal the best details whether you are listening to music or enjoying movies. Offering a premium audio experience, specialized sound modes, and available wireless subwoofers, TCL Alto Sound Bars provide precision playback for any TV as well as music from your smartphones, tablets and laptops.

 The Bottom Line

Alto 5 – 43-inch TV and above.
Alto 5+ – Comes with subwoofer.
Alto 7 – 55-inch TV and above, HDMI ARC compatible.
Alto 7+ – Comes with subwoofer, HDMI ARC compatible.

Setup will be quick and painless because every cable is inside the box just waiting for you. There’s even a mounting kit to help you get it positioned just right! You and your friends will be enjoying premium picture quality and stunning sound for a combined price tag that will still leave room for you to upgrade those streaming subscriptions.

And with things like Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders and Altered Carbon coming back this year, this is the time to buy. We simply can’t allow you to have viewing parties with your friends with subpar equipment.

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