At TCL, we take pride in providing quality, meaningful experiences for our customers while doing our part to help sustain our environment.

That’s why in 2019 we pledged to raise awareness of electronics recycling in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly with local communities, state agencies, as well as the EPA, to advance award-winning recycling and education programs.

TCL now recycles more than 30 million pounds of electronics per year, and we’ve gone even further to support innovative sustainability solutions. This included the creation of the TCL Take-Back Tour, a series of drive-through recycling events in underserved areas throughout America offering residents free recycling solutions for televisions.

These events not only raised awareness of the benefits of electronics recycling, but also made it more accessible by providing a convenient way for people to get rid of unwanted devices—even in the absence of other means at the height of the pandemic.

When recycling solutions became scarce amid COVID-19 restrictions, the TCL Sustainability Team went to work. The TCL Take-Back Tour was upgraded, allowing for a safe environment where communities could continue recycling. People would simply make a reservation, drive through the contactless drop-off location, and go.

This pioneering approach earned TCL the EPA’s first Special Sustainability Leadership Award last year and The Tour became the model for which other companies and municipalities could safely provide the services needed in local communities.

Raising the Bar for Earth Day

For Earth Day this year, we recognized the continuing challenges the world had been facing and decided that it was time to step-up once again to make electronics recycling more accessible.

Using the safe methods we pioneered during the pandemic we teamed up with MRM, TCL’s longtime electronics recycling partner, in Janesville, Wisconsin, to host our largest TCL Take-Back Tour event ever!

Earth Day electronics recycling
Earth Day electronics recycling

Over 1,500 cars came through delivering loads of unwanted electronics. This included nearly 130,000 pounds of old TVs. This record-setting volume is the most we have ever seen, and it was a great way to commemorate Earth Day.

The latest in the TCL Take-Back Tour also gave our team the opportunity to meet new challenges. Our employee-led programs have grown steadily every year since TCL took the original EPA pledge, and we’re proudly looking ahead to do more to help build a sustainable future for everyone.

Take Part in Your Community

Not only does TCL support electronics recycling programs in many states that can help you easily and conveniently recycle your old electronics, but we also provide useful sustainability resources on our website that can connect you to the nearest recycling location. We want you to know exactly where to go so that you too can make a difference.

“As part of our TCL Cares program, which gives back to charitable and goodwill causes, environmental sustainability is one of our founding principles and will always have a special place,” says Jonathan King, TCL’s Vice President of Corporate and Legal Affairs. “The success of our 2022 Earth Day event shows the incredible progress we’re making to raise awareness and our commitment to putting the environment first. The pride TCLers take in supporting these recycling programs with collection events and volunteer efforts makes a real difference in communities we serve.”

Keep an eye out for TCL’s next generation of sustainability initiatives in communities across the country soon. In the meantime, visit our sustainability resources to help you find ways to recycle your electronics year-round.