The consumer electronics industry has nothing if not an abundance of acronyms…VRR…THX…HDR…UHD to name a few. Maybe my next blog post can be titled “Explaining the Acronyms!”

Recently, another acronym has become an important part of our industry, and our lives: WFH. Otherwise known as Work from Home.

Much of our daily routine, including education, work, entertainment, fitness, plus how we interact with the world, is now nearly entirely done through a screen.  At TCL, we aim to bring joy and simplicity through the thoughtful execution of technology, so we want to make this new way of interacting not only less stressful, but also more enjoyable.

Epicenter of Entertainment

Closest to our comfort zone is letting people enjoy more entertainment.  With screens as large as 75” (and soon to be wall-devouring 85” models), or as compact as 32”, we have TVs for nearly any room.  Access to the latest blockbuster movies and TV shows are just a few quick clicks away, with availability of thousands of streaming channels and hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes.

Need to get active? All TCL TVs have tons of fitness apps to help keep you stay lean-and-mean when taking a break from work. Of course, there is one-click access to news, sports, spiritual channels, cooking and more to keep you healthy, with a sound mind, body, and soul. 

Speaking of Sound…

From Mini-LED to High Dynamic Range to 4K resolution, TCL TVs are set up to impress whatever your demands are, and, of course, great audio should always accompany great picture. TCL Alto Sound Bars are just what you need to ensure you feel like you’re part of the action—without rewinding and saying, “what did she say?”

Screen Time Made Easy

TCL can also help you master those endless virtual calls and meetings. There are many ways, both wired and wireless, to connect you PC/smart phone or tablet to your big-screen TCL TV.  As great as the screen is on your new TCL 10 Pro or TCL TAB, bigger is often better. No more squinting to see who else is on the call.  TCL TVs with Android even have Duo available for use without an external device.  Just connect a web cam to the TV and you are good to go!

Always Connected

When you’re away from the big screen, our phones can make life easier and help you get the job done. Naturally, they come with great screens! Some as large as 6.53” including an amazing, curved AMOLED display. TCL 10 Series phones like the 10 Pro and 10L feature our NXTVISION technology, a dedicated display engine that delivers an amazing image and even has real-time HDR to make working on the small-screen easy.

Of course with Android, you will have access to all the latest productivity apps to help you accomplish tasks quickly. But when you really have a need for speed, don’t miss the 5G UW which features blistering 5G connectivity at an incredible value! Bonus: I LOVE the split screen and PIP functionality!!

Clearly Hear and Be Heard

Working from home with the family in the next room can be a blessing, but it can also bring distractions of everyone enjoying us being around. Productive isolation can come in the form of TCL headphones.  In-ear, on-ear, over-the-ear, true wireless: TCL has a wide assortment of headphones that can last all day. 

Headphones with our noise cancelling technology like ELIT400NC models or our newest MOVEAUDIO S200 true wireless headphones are just what you need for total concentration. The MOVEAUDIO S200s also bring Echo Noise Cancellation technology that use four beamforming mics to automatically focus your voice on important calls. Hearing and being heard has never been easier! All this plus true wireless technology for the ultimate on-the-go convenience.

Smart Home Comfort

Sometimes being comfortable working from home means…well...being comfortable when working from home.  To help with that, TCL offers a huge variety of home comfort appliances.  From air conditioners for nearly any application (window, wall or portable) and dehumidifiers, plus an upcoming line of air purifiers. I guess CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) will be our newest acronym to learn! 

As we embrace all the blessings and challenges that working from home presents to us, one of the best things we can do is take advantage of the technologies that seamlessly help us with our daily tasks.  At TCL, our legendary performance, reliability, and ease of use combine with award-winning customer service, that together help deliver yet another acronym: EMWWFM (Enjoy More…While Working From Home).