America’s Fastest-Growing TV Brand Introduces Personal Audio Products to U.S. Market for the First Time


(CES) LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2019 - TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling and America’s fastest-growing television brand continues to grow its product lineup in North America. At its press conference today, TCL announced plans to expand their audio categories to offer a broad assortment of headphones with exceptional sound. The company unveiled a range of headphones, from in-ear to over-the-ear styles, across four distinctive lines for consumers who want to be different (SOCL), be themselves (MTRO), be healthy (ACTV), and be excellent (ELIT) while listening to music.

“As America’s fastest-growing TV brand, we have successfully delivered a premium entertainment experience to homes across the nation and we want to build on that momentum by interacting with consumers in more aspects of their daily life, beyond their living rooms,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. “Our vision is to be a world leading consumer electronics company that makes people’s lives better through smart products, no matter where they are. TCL’s long running capabilities in audio combined with our vertical integration will enable us to bring similarly rich experiences with our headphones as we have with our televisions.”

The new TCL headphone lineup promises to bring consumers closer to their music through smart application of design, ergonomics and specialized audio engineering, allowing them to enjoy a deeper connection to what they are listening to. To ensure this immersive experience, TCL honed in on what consumers care about most when it comes to music and focused on three core values to differentiate from other players in the market – bringing an authentic sound experience, bringing meaningful technology innovations and bringing creative designs. To maintain authenticity, TCL has built an in-house development team to innovate in sound, comfort, design, and operability. An award-winning innovation lab in Belgium (iLab) is dedicated to bringing superior sound and smart solutions to TCL products while the company works with strategic partners to co-develop drivers and production processes that make their audio products unique.

Furthermore, every design element has a functional meaning that aims to improve the user experience. TCL makes products that are relevant for real individuals and families, offering a wide portfolio of products with a variety of different use cases – from traveling and sports to commuting and just relaxing on the beach. TCL also over delivers on functional specifications of headphones in order to provide long lasting enjoyment for consumers. To achieve this, TCL instills creativity in all facets of headphone production, whether it be the use of materials for sustainable solutions, extended play time on Bluetooth models or how the company expresses its product’s value on packaging.

“It’s very exciting to help TCL grow into a more holistic electronics company. In a very short period of time, TCL products have become highly regarded among consumers, making TCL one of the most popular TV brands in North America. As such, we’re expected to deliver the same great quality and performance in more categories and we feel this move into the headphone space will do just that,” said Michael Davies, Global Business Leader Headphones, TCL. “Adding headphones to the TCL portfolio will help broaden the brand’s appeal, expanding its loyal fan base to include younger generations. We chose the U.S. as the first market to announce our new audio categories because of this brand affinity and trust that enthusiasts will embrace this new offering.”

TCL Headphones: SOCL

SOCL is designed for consumers who want to have a fun, different and unique style. These headphones take the inspiration of happy moments into its design - sunrises, sunsets, trips to the beach with friends, adventurous nights out - to represent a positive and youthful spirit. Featuring unique transparent housing with a gradient color treatment, they also boast powerful speaker drivers that deliver clear and rich sound details in a compact form. The comfort-fit noise isolating earbud provides instant and long wearing usability so you can listen to music all day and night, in both wired and wireless options.

TCL Headphones: MTRO

MTRO is designed for urban consumers who want to be themselves without standing out. A fluid Utilitarian design allows optimal comfort for a headphone that’s more universal in appeal. The audio is captivating through a powerful bass driver with extended low sound frequency and the comfort-fit noise isolating design ensures the bass performance is further enhanced. This line features both in-ear and headband styles in wired and wireless options.

TCL Headphones: ACTV

ACTV is designed for sport-users who want to be healthy. Research shows that music motivates better sports performance so ACTV features a great, secure-fit wearing system. The hook design ensures it stays in place so athletes can focus on their movement, not the headphones. Specially designed drivers and earpieces reproduce the deepest bass to give users the power to push further. They are IPX4 rated, made of sweatproof materials and built to last for extensive use. Both wired and wireless options are available

TCL Headphones: ELIT

TCL’s top-of-the-line ELIT headphones, along with the rest of the line, will be available by Summer. The wired in-ear and earbud headphones will be available February 1, with the other models launching in the months following.

To learn more about TCL and its products visit booth #12929 in Central Hall at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11 in the Las Vegas Convention Center or visit

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