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IRVINE, May 13, 2024 - TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling and leading consumer electronics companies, today announced the expansion of its Q Class and S Class sound bar lineup. Continuing to innovate and upgrade the brand’s sound bar options for consumers, TCL is adding Dolby Atmos technology to its entire line of full feature models. The S Class enhances home theater setups in a simple way, while the Q Class sets itself apart with unique Ray-Danz technology that delivers a wide and enveloping sound field.

TCL’s latest sound bars complement its award-winning TVs by delivering rich audio experiences in two new Q Class and two new S Class models that incorporate Dolby Atmos for a higher, more immersive sound. The S Class products - 2.0 and 2.1 channel sound bars - will feature enhanced design and provide solutions for a “Great Home Theater, Made Simple,” including advanced features like Auto Room Calibration, the new TV as Center Channel Mode, and DTS Virtual:X. Delivering a more premium “High Quality Home Theater” experience, two new Q Class sound bars will offer 5.1.2 and 7.1.4 channel audio solutions housed in an elegant design with a full suite of audio enhancements built in such as tweeters, a center channel speaker, side surround speakers, up-firing Atmos speakers, and Ray-Danz acoustic wave-guide reflectors.

“Consumers know us best for our award-winning TVs but what many don’t know is that TCL has more than 20 years of experience in building products for major audio and smart speaker brands. Our talented team of audio engineers have invested extensive research and development to refine our latest sound bar offerings,” said Chris Hamdorf, Executive Vice President, TCL. “Always raising the bar to give people more than they expect, TCL provides the full home theater experience with a lineup of new Dolby Atmos sound bars that match perfectly with our new 2024 TCL TVs, including special features that allow functionality such as using the TV as an enhanced center channel.”

TCL Q Class Sound Bar: High Quality Home Theater

TCL’s premium Q Class completes a high-quality home theater with Dolby Atmos sound bars that deliver the powerful performance that TCL’s award-winning lineup is known for, wrapped in an elegant design. The Q75H is a 5.1.2 sound bar that allows users to experience Dolby Atmos and DTS:X in an entirely new way with built-in side surround speakers. Other quality enhancing features include built-in tweeters that deliver precise, high-frequency sound to complement the powerful bass, a center channel speaker that ensures voices are always heard with crystal-clear clarity, up-firing Atmos speakers for floor to ceiling sound, and the special Ray-Danz acoustic wave-guide reflectors for a super wide soundstage.

Building on the features of Q75H, TCL’s Q85H is a 7.1.4 sound bar that delivers the ultimate enveloping home theater experience by adding wireless rear speakers, which also incorporate rear Dolby Atmos up-firing drivers. With Ray-Danz, side and rear surround, as well as front and rear Dolby Atmos drivers, TCL’s Q85H is an incredibly immersive experience, which makes it the perfect match for a TCL QD-Mini LED TV.

The TCL Q Class Q75H will be available for $899.99 MSRP and the TCL’s Q85H will be available for $999.99 MSRP this summer at your favorite retailer.

“For 2024, we have worked with our engineers to develop enhanced TCL sound bars that match perfectly with our new 2024 TCL TVs, creating room filling, yet seamless, home theater experiences,” said Scott Ramirez, VP of Product Marketing and Development, TCL. “All new TCL sound bar models feature Dolby Atmos, with new Q Class models also including up-firing drivers. The Q75H is perfect for anyone who wants a premium sound bar with surround sound, but doesn’t want rear speakers. The Q85H takes things to the next level creating an incredibly enveloping sound experience with Dolby Atmos and Surround Drivers, from both front and rear. This is truly TCL taking sound to new heights.” 

TCL S Class Sound Bar: Home Theater Made Simple

The new S Class sound bars include TCL’s S45H and S55H models that feature a beautiful new cosmetic design, upgraded with Dolby Atmos, Auto Room Calibration, which was previously only available in Q Class, and the new TV as Center Channel Mode. These models also include other key features such as DTS Virtual:X Virtual 3D Surround, HDMI with eARC, Bluetooth, TCL TV Ready capability, and are wall mountable.

TCL’s S45H is a 2.0 Dolby Atmos sound bar with a built-in bass reflex port for enhanced bass without a separate subwoofer, while the S55H adds a separate wireless subwoofer featuring a 5.5” driver and bass boost technology providing deep, rich room filling tones.

The new TCL S Class S45H is now available for $179.99 MSRP and the TCL S Class S55H is available for $219.99 MSRP at your favorite retailer. Consumers get everything needed to set up their sound system with a free HDMI cable and wall mount included in all packages.

TCL’s 2024 S Class sound bars are available at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other popular retailers, while its new Q Class models will be available at these retailers in the summer.

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