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LAS VEGAS, January 8, 2024 TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling and leading technology companies, today announced new TVs and sound bars for unprecedented home entertainment solutions at the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Inspiring greatness in homes nationwide with its innovation, TCL continues to break down the barriers in home theater with its award-winning family of products. Its most premium line of QLED TVs aims to deliver better performance and bigger screens, featuring a broader range of Mini LED models and further enhancements for unmatched gaming, cinema and sports experiences with complimentary sound bar offerings.

A consumer electronics game changer since it first launched in North America, TCL introduced the world’s first big-screen Quantum Dot TV, introduced the world’s first Mini LED TV, and developed its own powerful TCL AIPQ Processor. TCL’s 2024 lineup of smart S Class and QLED Q Class TVs will reinforce TCL’s strength in the market with a litany of industry leading technologies and prove that TCL will be bringing the best and biggest screens to more customers this year.

“Last year was extremely successful for TCL as we maintained our position as top 2 best-selling TV brand in the US for the fifth consecutive year. TCL also achieved top 2 best-selling TV brand in the premium segment of QLED TVs in 2023, and 2024 is planned to be even more positive as we continue to raise the bar with innovation,” said Chris Hamdorf, Senior Vice President, TCL North America. “TCL will roll out our biggest screen size ever, and we will upgrade our line with more choices in both 98” TVs and Mini LED TVs to meet consumer demand. We will continue to provide unmatched value for the consumer and our high-performance products will be second to none.”

2024 TCL Televisions

TCL will raise the bar in 2024 with an expanded and enhanced TV line-up. TCL will continue to segment the TV line into S Class for Smart TV, and Q Class for QLED TV, introducing new premium QD Mini LED inside Q Class. The new enhancements include better backlighting, enriched color, a range of TCL AIPQ Processing, built-in multi-channel sound, new mega size, and modern cosmetic designs for significant improvements to picture and sound technology.

TCL S Class TV

In S Class, TCL will introduce the new S5, which offers best-in-class 4K UHD performance. The S5 incorporates a High Brightness LED Backlight for up to 25% more brightness and enhanced color, resulting in more vibrant images. For the first time, TCL’s S Class also features a new TCL AIPQ Processor with AI Super Resolution to ensure the S5’s bright colorful images are also sharp and clear. In addition, S5 includes HDR PRO+ with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ for overall brighter, clearer, and more vivid image quality.

For TV audio, S5 adds the new Enhanced Dialog Mode and the new TV as Center Channel Mode, to ensure easy listening, even with loud content. For connectivity, TCL’s S5 will be the first S Class model to receive custom install capability for more advanced applications. All of this comes wrapped in the beautiful new FullView 360 cosmetic design, that looks great from every angle - front, back and side. The new S5 will be available in 43” to 85” screen sizes.

TCL Q Class TV      

TCL’s Q Class sets itself apart with Quantum Dot Technology for rich QLED Color. The first new series, TCL’s Q6, adds the High Brightness Plus LED Backlight for an additional 28% more brightness. The combination of high color and more brightness means more color volume for better overall picture quality. For gamers, Q6 also adds the Game Accelerator 120 feature that allows fast 120 VRR gaming. TCL’s 85” and larger Q6 models also include a native 120Hz Panel Refresh Rate with clear fast motion so gamers can step up to Game Accelerator 240 for blistering fast 240 VRR gaming on a big screen TV. The new Q6 will be available in 43” to 98” screen sizes.

New for 2024 is TCL’s Q6-Pro, with all the great features of Q6 plus Full Array Local Dimming for deeper black levels and up to 33% more brightness with 600 peak nits. In addition, Q6-Pro will offer conveniences such as hands-free voice control, a backlit remote, and adjustable width feet on larger sizes. The new Q6-Pro will be available in 50” to 85” screen sizes.

Providing consumers with even more premium options, TCL adds another Mini LED model to the Q Class family - QM7. The QM7 incorporates premium High Zone QD Mini LED with precise control of up to 1,500+ Zones. It also adds the new High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight with incredible brightness up to 2,400 peak nits, and QLED color PRO. Utilizing the enhanced TCL AIPQ PRO Processor, the QM7 is a high-speed, high-zone TV.

As a true premium TV, QM7 includes a host of other technologies including a native 120Hz Panel Refresh Rate on all screen sizes, Game Accelerator 240, HDR ULTRA with Dolby Vision IQ, a 2.1 Channel Speaker System with built-in subwoofer, and an elegant adjustable height pedestal stand (65- to 85-inch sizes). With IMAX Enhanced Certification and AMD FreeSync Premium Certification, the TCL QM7 is a certified winner. The new QM7 will be available in 55” to 98” screen sizes.

At the flagship level is the QM8 which includes the incredible QD Mini LED ULTRA for Ultra High Zone Dimming with up to 5,000+ Zones. This is more than twice the number of zones of the previous flagship level for truly inky blacks. Also included is the High Brightness ULTIMATE LED Backlight with up to 5,000 peak nits, and QD color ULTRA, for incredibly dynamic images. This is 2.5 times brighter than the current “brightest TV ever.”

The QM8 includes all the great features of the QM7, plus an Anti-Glare Screen to maintain contrast in ambient room light conditions, 2.1.2 Channel Speaker System with Built-in Dolby Atmos Speakers for a wider and higher sound stage, and Next Gen TV and Wi-Fi 6 for “future proofing.” The new QM8 will be available in 65” to 98” screen sizes.

For 2024, TCL introduces the world’s largest QD Mini LED TV! With a 115” screen, the new mega-size 115QM89 truly becomes the ultimate home theater. This model includes QD Mini LED ULTIMATE with a massively high 20,000 dimming zones. It also incorporates the TCL AIPQ ULTRA Processor, as even more horsepower is needed for such high zone control to ensure huge, yet pristine images. This new 115” model includes all the features of the other QM8 models, plus a 6.2.2 Channel Speaker system for truly room filling sound.

“In 2023, TCL became the top brand in 98” TV, proving our power in both bigger and better,” said Scott Ramirez, VP, Product Marketing and Development, Home Theater. “In 2024, TCL will raise the bar with our new premium QD Mini LED, providing a never before seen level of TV picture quality. We will also enhance sound quality, cosmetic designs, and screen sizes with more 98” TVs and an all-new mega 115” screen size. In short, TCL will continue our promise to provide the best possible combination of quality, technology, and value, from our new best-in-class S5 4K UHD, to our new industry leading QM8 QD Mini LED, and to our new complimentary Dolby Atmos sound bars. In 2024, you need to watch TCL!”

2024 TCL Sound Bars

In 2024, TCL Sound Bar will take sound to all new heights. All models will incorporate Dolby Atmos for a wider, higher sound stage and a better home theater sound experience. In addition, all models will also be upgraded with new features and new cosmetic designs. Just like in TV, the 2024 TV sound bar line-up will be segmented into S Class, and Q Class for Quality Home Theater.

TCL S Class Sound Bar

The S45H is a new 2.0 Channel Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with Built-in Bass Reflex Port. This model provides great sound for the consumer that doesn’t want a separate Subwoofer in the room. It also incorporates DTS Virtual:X and new advanced features like Auto Room Calibration and TV as Center Channel Mode. Plus, it sports a new, more attractive cosmetic design.

The S55H is a 2.1 Channel Dolby Atmos Sound Bar. This model has all the key features of the S45H, but trades the Bass Reflex Port for a separate Wireless Subwoofer to create room filling sound.

TCL Q Class Sound Bar

The Q75H is a 5.1.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Sound Bar. In addition to the features of the S55H, the Q75H includes the Ray-Danz Acoustic Wave-Guide Reflectors to direct sound across the width of the room. This model also includes a Center Channel Speaker, built-in tweeters, built-in up-firing Dolby Atmos Speakers, and built-in Side Surround Speakers.

The Q85H is a 7.1.4 Channel Dolby Atmos Sound Bar. Stepping up from the Q75H, it adds rear speakers that are wireless but also include rear up-firing Dolby Atmos Drivers. The Q85H creates truly enveloping sound, and a sound experience that needs to be auditioned.

To learn more about TCL and its products, please visit booth #18708 in the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, January 9-12, or visit go.tcl.com/ces.

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