One of the World's Best-Selling Electronics Brands Adds to its Award-Winning Cross-Category Lineup and Shows Off Future Technology


LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2020 TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands and leading technology companies, today unveiled new products that allow users to enjoy more and discussed plans to surface exciting innovations at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Highlighting its television, mobile and audio offerings, TCL showcased an assortment of new products and technologies under their brand umbrella – next generation mini-LED for TVs, TCL 10 Series smartphones and true wireless earbuds will all be available in North America in the coming months, among other devices that will continue to propel TCL toward its goal to become America’s preferred consumer electronics brand.

“It has been our focus to grow TCL into one of the leading consumer electronics brands worldwide, and with the expansion of our product portfolio offering best-in-class TVs, audio products and now mobile devices, we’re well on our way to achieving this,” said Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings. “With our unique mix of manufacturing expertise and vertical integration, TCL can now offer a full ecosystem of products, while looking into a future that will create a fully integrated and connected experience for our customers.”

TCL Home Theater

After launching its high-performance 8-Series Roku TV™ - the world’s first mini-LED TV, featuring over 25,000 micro-meter class backlights - in the US last year, TCL will push the powerful new mini-LED backlight technology even further this year. Taking the lead in global display technology innovation once again to deliver powerful picture performance, TCL’s new Vidrian™ Mini-LED technology is the world’s first TV backlight with the driving semi-conductor circuitry and tens of thousands of micro-meter class mini-LEDs directly infused in a crystal-clear glass substrate. Vidrian Mini-LED technology is the next stage in LCD LED TV picture performance for unrivaled levels of sharp contrast, brilliant luminance and highly stable long-life performance.

“Since day one in the North American market, it has been our focus for TCL to become one of the most popular TV brands by applying the advantages of a global, vertically integrated company and 2019 brought significant wins for our business. We opened the world’s most advanced Gen 11 panel production facility and according to NPD, in just five short years, TCL jumped from zero to the number two selling brand of television overall in the United States,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. “But beyond our strengths as a television brand, TCL has found great success in other categories and we’re excited to build on those as well. With new headphones, sound bars, mobile phones and home appliances, TCL continues to deliver cutting-edge technology and sell millions of products that promise the best innovation, experience and performance for consumers.”

While contrast and color are fundamental to great image quality, another revolution is already happening in TV image clarity with 8K resolution. 8K means more pixels packed into a TV screen, quadruple the number of pixels available in today’s high-performance 4K TVs, and those additional pixels mean increased image clarity especially with TV screens 65-inch and larger.

Because of TCL’s steadfast belief in the future growth of 8K display technology, the company has joined other leading display innovators to become one of the founding members of the 8K Association. Through this group, TCL has worked with other display industry leaders to develop a new 8K Association Certified program. TCL intends to launch TVs in North America this year that will exceed the high standards established as part of the 8K Association Certified program and grow the global adoption of this exciting big-screen technology, even partnering with Roku to roll out the first 8K TCL Roku TV later this year, to be ready for the next stage of 8K content as new game consoles and streaming services come to the market.

TCL will bring more convenient voice assistance and hands-free smart home control directly through integrated microphones on TVs launching in targeted regions across the globe. Building on last year’s support for voice features - including TCL Roku TVs with Easy Voice Control in North America - where users could talk to voice assistants through third-party smart home speakers for simple TV control, strong partnerships with leading smart platforms who are driving innovation in voice interaction, such as Roku, Amazon and Google, will ensure that TCL TV customers around the world will have access to the highest-performance voice assistant services.

Partnering with Roku also allows TCL’s exceptional smart TVs to evolve over time by providing customers with regular software updates delivering new content and features. In the coming year, Roku is expected to enable new HDMI-related features on select TVs. Taking advantage of the latest-generation HDMI 2.1 standard, a new HDMI eARC capability will enhance how the TV interacts with HDMI 2.1-enabled audio devices connected to the TV – like sound bars or AV receivers, to deliver better quality sound. In addition, the update will enable a powerful new feature for enhanced video game performance – variable refresh rate. These updated 2019 TVs, along with some 2020 models, will be able to dynamically synchronize the frame rate of the TV to exactly match the frame rate of compatible games and game consoles for optimized performance. With sharp 4K clarity and deep HDR dimensionality, video games provide a totally immersive visual experience and when paired with TCL TV models boasting lightning fast response times, game play looks amazing while providing an edge in the competition. For big-screen, fast-twitch gamers, features like Auto Game Mode, LED Motion Clarity and 120Hz playback will take gaming performance to the next level.

To further transport consumers into the world of gaming, TCL has partnered with THX, a world-class audio and video certification and technology company. Together, TCL and THX will establish a new industry standard in gaming performance for big-screen TVs – THX Certified Game Mode. THX Certified Game Mode delivers fast response time and the most optimal viewing experience, allowing games to be experienced the way they were intended by the creators with rich, vibrant colors and better contrast in crisp 4K HDR resolution. Pending THX Certification, TCL will be the first to launch TVs later this year in North America with a dedicated “THX Certified Game Mode” setting. 

Lastly, for consumers who want the best color accuracy from their TV but don’t want to incur the high cost of professional calibration, TCL’s iPQ Engine® Mobile Calibration app is a simple tool that’s compatible with select phones and only requires a few minutes of time. The iPQ Engine Mobile Calibration app was first launched through the Google Play store late last year, offering accurate TV calibration with Google Pixel phones, but for the first time, the app is now also available through the Apple store for compatibility with iPhones.

TCL Mobile

Expanding TCL’s device portfolio, the company has also previewed its all-new TCL 10-Series smartphone lineup, including the company’s first 5G phone set to launch globally later this year. The TCL 10 5G follows the successful launch of its 5G CPE device in 2019, and will be powered by Qualcomm®’s recently announced Snapdragon™ 765G SoC. Along with the TCL 10 5G, the company also previewed the TCL 10 Pro and TCL 10L, which are designed to form the core of TCL’s smartphone portfolio in 2020 and will be available in global markets later this year. They will be available in the US and Canada beginning in Q2 2020, starting at under $500 USD.

Each of these new TCL smartphones features the company’s new design for 2020, which includes quad-rear cameras, as well as TCL-made displays to provide a more immersive and crisp viewing experience. They will also feature TCL’s NXTVISION™ visual technology, a proprietary advanced display optimization and camera technology, so you can see your screen come to life with enriched color, clarity and contrast enhancement in real-time, and have an elevated camera experience.

The TCL 10 Pro is the first TCL device to feature the company’s edge AMOLED display for an even richer multimedia experience. This technology is made possible through TCL Communication’s sister company, TCL CSOT, which also develops the award-winning display panels for TCL televisions. CSOT is one of the worldwide leaders in LCD panels as well as LTPS, AMOLED and advanced display technologies such as flexible displays. TCL Communication’s close supply chain collaboration with CSOT ensures timely support and prioritized utility of the latest display technologies while also making our products more affordable for consumers.

TCL will officially launch the TCL 10L, 10 Pro and 10 5G at a press event in Barcelona, Spain on February 22, 2020 as part of Mobile World Congress, along with additional products to be announced. 

TCL Audio

Embracing the latest headphone trends like true wireless in their newest SOCL500TWS and ACTV500TWS earbuds, TCL focuses on delivering top-performing, affordable options for people on-the-go. Quick charge, long battery life and comfortable design are some of the prime features that set the lineup apart from its competition and this year, users who prioritize healthy living can enjoy an integrated heart rate monitor to learn more about their body and optimize workouts with the new ACTV200BT model. Additionally, whether it’s a music playlist or an important conference call, TCL will upgrade chipsets with smart algorithm to enhance both the listening and voice performance for a carefree, uninterrupted experience.

For an elevated audio experience at home, advanced devices like the TCL Alto 9+ prototype is a 3.1 channel sound bar featuring Dolby Atmos® and RAY·DANZ™ technology to deliver an immersive cinematic experience without all the wires, speakers, and complexity of competitors. The unique RAY·DANZ acoustic engineering offers arrangements that are typically reserved for high-end home theater systems and allows for an expanded, more balanced soundstage, while providing clear dialogue and voice positioning that is lacking in the sound bar market.

In addition to great sound, the TCL Alto 9+ is certified as Roku TV™ Ready. During initial set up, the Roku TV will automatically configure itself for use with the TCL Alto 9+. Integrated sound settings and sound modes from the TV and sound bar can be accessed in one place by pressing the (*) button on the Roku TV remote. No separate remote-control juggling required for power, volume and sophisticated audio settings.

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