Model 20D91

TCL 20 Pint Smart Dehumidifier - 20D91

  • Remove up to 20 pints of moisture per day
  • Perfect for areas up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Smart features allow you to control your unit with the intuitive app or simple voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Choose your perfect level of humidity with two fan speeds and an adjustable humidity display or use one of the preset modes (continuous, basement, and bedroom)
  • Set the unit to turn on or off whenever you want with the 24-hour timer
  • Simple and easy control with digital display
  • Easy-to-remove water tank makes disposing of excess moisture quick and painless
  • Turns off automatically when the bucket is full
  • Alerts you when to clean the filter and empty the bucket
  • Protect your dehumidifier with the washable and reusable filter
  • Advanced features: Energy Star Certified, Auto Defrost, Low Temperature Operations, Auto Restart.
  • Set up in minutes
  • Easily move from room to room with the handles and wheels
  • Perfect for your bedroom, living room, utility room, dining room, basement, nursery, dorm, office, or wherever else needed



Protect your home from humidity and excess moisture with preset modes and two fan speeds.


Powerful enough to eliminate moisture throughout your home.


Control your device using simple voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant or from your phone with the friendly app. 


With preset modes like Continuous, Basement, and Bedroom, operating your dehumidifier is simple and easy. 


Ensure your dehumidifier will not freeze in low temperatures down to 41-degrees (F).


Simply unbox your dehumidifier, attach the wheels and enjoy. Also, easily move from room to room in seconds.


Reduce Moisture Throughout Your Home

Protect your home from high humidity and reach your ideal level of comfort by removing up to 20 pints of excess moisture in areas up to 1,500 sq. ft.*^

App & Voice Control

The friendly app allows you to control your smart dehumidifier from anywhere. Change the humidity, set schedules, switch modes and speeds, and more all from your smartphone. You can also use simple voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant to manage your device without lifting a finger.

Simple Modes & Advanced Controls

With two fan speeds, an adjustable humidity display, and preset modes (continuous, basement, and bedroom), the unit has the features you need to make your home more enjoyable with a noise level as low as 49 decibels.

Easy-to-Remove Water Tank

When the water tank is full, easily remove it and dispose of the excess moisture down a drain.


Worry-Free Operations

Advanced features like the Auto-Stop function when the tank is full, 24-Hour Timer, Low Temperature Operations (down to 41 degrees), and Auto-Restart make operating your unit simple and easy. 

*Maximum coverage/room size is derived from internal testing procedures. Actual coverage is not guaranteed and will vary as a result of environment factors, number of occupants, home insulation, etc.

^The amount of excess moisture, or number of pints, removed from the air is calculated with internal testing procedures and may vary based on environmental factors (temperature, relative humidity, and dew point).

TCL Dehumidifier - 20D91



20-Pint Dehumidifier

Moisture removal capacity (pints/day)

Moisture removal capacity (pints/day)





Product & Package Information

Product Size (WxHxD) 

Product Size (WxHxD) 

14.57" x 19.88" x 10.63"

Product Weight

Product Weight

29.92 lbs

Package Size (WxHxD)

Package Size (WxHxD)

16.34" x 21.06" x 12.40"

Total Package Weight

Total Package Weight

32.34 lbs


1 year limited warranty

1 year limited warranty