Environmental Sustainability

Making a more sustainable future.


Environmental Sustainability

TCL North America is committed to advancing solutions that will help our business, people, and nature. Sustainability has become an integral part of our business as we continually evaluate ways in which we can reduce consumer waste, minimize our carbon footprint, and save valuable resources.

We take pride in the steps we’ve taken to this point, such as funding the recycling of over 14 million pounds of electronics in 2018. However, TCL aims to do even more. That’s why we’ve set broad sustainability goals that will help to significantly reduce emissions by 2020.

Among the areas that we’re focusing on is packaging. While we tout the capabilities and performance found within our products, we also realize that what’s on the outside of our TVs needs to be designed conscientiously.

We’ve always designed our packaging with safety, fit, and the environment in mind. But we’ve challenged ourselves to greatly increase the amount of post-consumer recycled content in our packaging, and include significantly more content that can conveniently be recycled, over the next few years. Specifically, our goals are as follows:

  • TCL commits to 40% of its television packaging containing post-consumer recycled content by 2020.

    This means that at least 40% of the packaging content in and including our boxes (other than the actual products) will be comprised of content made from post-consumer materials (recycled content).

  • TCL commits to 40% of its television packaging containing conveniently recyclable content by 2020.

    This means that at least 40% of the packaging content will be able to be recycled by a consumer conveniently (either placed in the consumer’s recycling bin, or placed in a mail-back or take-back envelope or box and mailed/delivered to a recycler).

: Did you know that America’s Fastest Growing TV Brand™ is also America’s fastest growing recycler of electronics? TCL has increased the number of pounds of electronics its recycled about 100% year-over-year since 2014. (Source: TCL)

These goals will make a substantial impact, but of course they’re also just the beginning. TCL will continue to set comprehensive sustainability goals, and challenge ourselves to exceed them. We will also look to our partners and customers to find new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. As America’s Fastest-Growing TV Brand, we’re taking great strides to ensure that this growth is achieved responsibly.