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From Netflix to ITV, TCL Google TV Organises All Your Favourites Just for You






Are you a cord cutter who's sick of the endless scroll through your streaming service's catalogues? Or are you looking to upgrade your viewing experience? Then you'll want to check out TCL Google TV. Google TV is a smart platform built into your television, which means it can deliver all of your favourite content with just a few clicks or voice commands. Here's what else you need to know about TCL Google TV:



Only the channels you want, only when you want them.


Google TV allows you to watch 700,000+ movies and TV episodes across more than 500 services. The Google Assistant is built in so you can find what you want with just your voice. Enjoy live sports on Sky Sports and ESPN, or binge-watch your favourite shows like The Office on Netflix or The Mandalorian on Disney+. Watch music videos from YouTube Music or listen to podcasts from Spotify Podcasts with just one click. No need to download or install anything—the app store comes built into Google TV!


A Google TV brings your favourite content from across your apps and subscriptions and organises them just for you. That’s right, all your favourite TV shows and movies are just a button press away. Google TV is also great for sports fans, with ESPN and Sky Sports streaming on the platform. It’s easy to find what you want when you want it, so you can spend less time searching through menus and more time watching your favourite teams play.


The best part is that you can also use Google Chromecast to stream your favourite entertainment from Netflix and NOW Tv. You can also cast your favourite content right from your smartphone or tablet to the TV.



So many shows, so little time.


With so many shows and networks to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to watch. In the past, you may have sat on your couch, scrolling through endless catalogues of content to find something to watch. Or maybe you're devoting time and energy every day to going through different streaming services' offerings, trying to figure out which one has what you want. That's where Google TV comes in. 


With TCL Google TV, it's easy—and fun!—to find exactly what you want. Now you can control the TV by voice with Google Assistant. You'll be able to ask your Google Home or Google Home Hub to change channels and search for shows that are streaming on your TV. Just ask Alexa or Google Assistant a simple question like "What shows are on Disney+?" and they'll tell you the answer right away. You can even ask for specific episodes: “In which episode did Bojack Horseman go running with his dog?" Yes! It's all here at home with this amazing new device from Google TV.


Plus, Google TV allows you to pause live TV and resume watching later on. You can also use the keyboard on your remote to type in search terms or enter text for faster and easier navigation. Just say "OK Google" to ask questions or get answers while you watch!



Unveil an immersive scene with TCL Google TV


Equipped with Dolby Vision`Atmos, TCL Google is able to deliver an immersive viewing experience. You will feel like you're inside the action of your favourite movies and TV shows.


Dolby Vision


Dolby Vision is a premium video format that delivers greater brightness and contrast, as well as a fuller palette of rich colours. It supports up to 4K resolution and can be added to most TCL television models.


Dolby Vision uses HDR technology that can display a wider range of colours and brightness than traditional TVs. You’ll notice richer details, smoother transitions between dark and light scenes, and more vibrant colours with Dolby Vision-supported content.  


Dolby Atmos


Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that allows you to hear and enjoy your favourite entertainment as the creators intended. With Dolby Atmos, sounds are rendered precisely, moving all around you in three-dimensional space. This is an immersive audio experience that makes you feel like you’re right in the action—and it’s available on select devices that support the technology, including Google TV.


Dolby Atmos is compatible with a variety of sound formats and playback systems. The technology can be used as an audio format for lossy compression or uncompressed audio, and it’s also supported by many media players and home entertainment systems. Google TV supports Dolby Atmos through the Netflix app, so you can enjoy your favourite movies with rich sound quality that makes it feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action.



Have all the fun on your Google TV


You can use Google TV to watch your favourite content on your big screen.


And if that wasn't enough, we've also included Game Center and Google Stadia, where you can play thousands of games for free (or purchase premium versions).


Game Center:


Game Center is your hub for all things gaming. You can browse the Game Store to find new apps, games, and controllers to use with Google TV.


If you’re a fan of streaming video games on your TV, then this is the place to be. From classics like Minecraft to the latest releases like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there are plenty of games you can play right now thanks to our extensive collection of titles available across Android devices and Google Play Games services.


You can also access Game Center from the home screen, allowing you to take advantage of everything that it has to offer. From here, you’ll have quick and easy access to any game apps installed on your device, as well as the ability to download new ones directly from the Google Play Games service.


Google Stadia:


Google Stadia is a game streaming service that allows you to play the latest games on any device.


Google Stadia is your gateway into the world of gaming. You'll be able to play any title available on Google Stadia on nearly any device—PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets alike—and all without needing an expensive console or PC setup at home.


It is also the future of gaming. It's a new way to play your favourite games without needing an expensive console or PC setup at home. Stadia is powered by Google’s cloud-based servers, which allow for a more seamless and responsive gaming experience than ever before. You'll be able to connect with friends and play together on any device, from anywhere in the world.



How about calling your friends from your couch?


Watch TV with Google Duo, the hands-free voice control app that lets you call friends and family using your phone or smart display. All you need is a Google Home device or Chromecast (with Assistant). This allows you to effortlessly make a one-to-one call or join group calls with Google's video chat app. Send notes, voice or video memos, etc.


Lots of people use Google Duo because they like it and want to connect with family, friends, or coworkers. However, many people also use Google Duo because it's easy to set up and get started. Google Duo is free (and built into the Chrome browser). You do need a phone number when you sign up for Duo (and some other Google services).





With Google TV, youcan watch your favourite shows on a big screen without any accessories. All you need is the device—no fumbling with remotes, no switching inputs, and no setting up your TV. Just plug it in and start viewing the world's best content! Get your Google TV now from or go to your local store!


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