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Enhance Your TV Experience with TCL Mini LED TV C835K

21, Sep, 2022

Tips 21, Sep, 2022




If you are looking for a new TV set that features all the latest technology and makes a perfect centrepiece for your living room, you need to check out TCL 2022 new Google TV C835K. With its great picture and sound quality, the C835K is a great TV for anyone who wants to watch their favourite shows, movies, and sports. Also, it's a Smart TV, so you can use it to browse the Internet or stream content from your favourite apps.



TCL C835K - The ultimate TV for movie lovers


Thanks to its 4K HDR picture with Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced certification, you will be completely immersed in your favourite movies. Its screen is thinner than others; plus, it is edge-less! Further, if you like watching movies with friends or family members who are sitting far away from each other (and therefore can't see each other), then this model will come in handy because its viewing angle is wider than average models. In addition to being stylish, this model also has many energy-efficient features built into it: it consumes less power than other types of TVs. Here are some of its main features:



Embraced by the New Technologies:


Great Connectivity


C835K has all you need to connect it to your other devices. It supports Wi-Fi 5 (2.4G+5G) and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity, HDMI 2.1*4 for wired connectivity, and USB 2.0*1 for wired device connection with the help of an adapter cable or dongle.


Mini LED TVs are the latest technology, and this TV has all the features that you need to have a great viewing experience. The picture quality is superior, with a resolution of 3840*2160 pixels and a contrast ratio of 7000:1. It also comes with a 4K TV tuner, so you can watch your favourite shows in crystal clear quality.


Quantum Dot 


C835K has a neatly crafted screen that also utilises Quantum Dot technology. Quantum dots are nanoparticles that can be used to improve the colour gamut, brightness, contrast ratio, and power consumption of televisions. Quantum dots are tiny semiconductor crystals that emit light when excited by an external source (in this case, television). As opposed to regular LEDs, which emit light in all directions, quantum dots emit light only upwards, meaning they can be placed on top of a television screen without affecting its picture quality.


The colour purity and brightness of quantum dot displays are much higher than regular LEDs because each photon emitted from the quantum dot has a narrow wavelength, making it easier for your eyes to see them as individual colours instead of white light mixed.




HDR10+ is a new HDR format that allows for dynamic metadata, unlike the static metadata of HDR10. How does this affect your viewing experience? Well, it means you get to enjoy it more. Consistent contrast levels across all of your content — both live and recorded. As it's an open standard, TCL's C835K can play HDR10+ files from any source: discs, streaming services (like Netflix and Amazon Video).


Dolby Vision IQ


Dolby Vision IQ is an intelligent video processing technology that optimises the quality of your video. It adjusts brightness and contrast so you can enjoy a richer, more vibrant picture with greater clarity, sharpness, and detail.


144Hz VRR


144Hz VRR: With this non-interlaced display, you can enjoy a fast refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which means smoother transitions between images. It also refreshes at high speeds so that it doesn't have to constantly draw new frames on the screen when you are doing things like playing video games or watching sports. This means less lag time between your input and what's happening on the screen.


A 144Hz display refreshes at a rate of 144 frames per second, whereas a 120Hz display refreshes at only 120 frames per second.  The faster your screen can refresh its content, the more fluid it will feel and the clearer your visuals will be: even if two TVs have identical resolutions (1080p), one with a higher resolution won’t look as good if its refresh rate isn't high enough.


IMAX Enhanced


The TCL C835K series of TVs includes IMAX Enhanced technology. This is not a specific format, but a set of technologies that improve the quality of the picture on the TV. Some examples are higher resolutions, higher frame rates, and better contrast ratios between light and dark areas of an image.


Dolby Atmos


Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that creates a three-dimensional sound environment. In addition to the standard left, right, and centre channels, Dolby Atmos uses two or more overhead speakers to provide additional sounds such as raindrops or birds chirping from above. It’s used in movie theatres and home theatres today!


Dolby Atmos is also a high-quality audio format that allows you to enjoy surround sound for movies and TV shows like never before.


Because of these enhancements, you'll feel like you're watching movies in theatres again!




Smart Functions: Super Convenient!


The C835K comes with a built-in Google Assistant, which allows you to connect and control your TV with just your voice. You can ask questions like “What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?” or “How many calories are in a slice of pizza?”. It will also help you get things done around the house, like setting timers and reminders, controlling the TV volume and switching between inputs, and finding content on Netflix or Hulu Plus by saying “show me The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu Plus” rather than having to scroll through pages of shows until you find what you're looking for.


The integration allows you to take advantage of Google's vast ecosystem, making it easy to cast your content from a mobile device or laptop onto the screen. You can even cast your entire desktop.


If you’re looking for a new TV, this one is worth considering!




We hope that this post has given you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether the TCL Mini LED TV C835K is right for you. If it is, then we highly recommend purchasing one today from here!




21, Sep, 2022

Tips 21, Sep, 2022