I’m not old, but getting ready to go back to school means that kids still buy Trapper Keepers and cover their books with paper grocery bags, right? 

OK, never mind…

Excitement abounds for students (and parents) as the new school year is set to begin. Whether attending K through 12, or college, adjusting to life at school always has its challenges. At TCL, we have a slew of devices to make the most of these renewed academic pursuits as well as the ever-important downtime.

Watch Brilliantly

Perhaps we’re best known for our award-winning TVs, and this year we’ve got an amazing lineup. From mild-to-wild, we have something for just about everyone. Features that lend themselves to student life include:

  • Smart TVs – With leading smart TV OS choices including Roku TV, Android TV, or Google TV, all of your streaming favorites are just a click away!
  • 32" to 85" Screens – So many size offerings mean that a small dorm room, or a large common area, can all benefit from the TCL experience.
  • Stay Connected – Connecting your PC (available wired or wireless, depending on the model) means no more squinting and easier collaboration on your projects. Check your school’s network setup, nearly all TCL TVs have a LAN connection for a hard-wired setup.
  • Pixel Perfection – Picture performance can range from clear High Definition, to breathtaking 4K, or even amazing 8K with over 33,000,000 powerful pixels! Plus, there’s available High Dynamic Range and Dolby Vision, Mini-LED brightness and Quantum Dot wide color technology for show-stopping performance.
  • Say it. Play it. – Easy Voice Control makes finding content, and integrating into your smart ecosystem, super-simple. Some TV models feature Easy Voice Control that works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google, while others even have Google Assistant built-in!
Work, Play, Stream—All in the Palm of your Hand

There are so many other ways that TCL can make back-to-school life even easier. That even includes our permanent companions—our phones.

TCL has leveraged expertise in making great displays to make an exciting new lineup of phones.  Available features such as a gorgeous 6.67” curved AMOLED screen, a 64 mega-pixel camera (even an HDR selfie camera!), blistering-fast 5G connectivity, fast-charging, reverse charging and the latest Android operating system, all mean that the latest and greatest mobile tech is always with you.

Easy Listening

Whether sharing a movie with friends and dorm-mates, or getting away from the world, TCL has some incredible audio solutions. Our sound bars offer a range of smart features and room-filling sound.

All the latest wired and wireless connectivity lets you get the movie or music started easily. Plus, Roku TV Ready lets you go from unboxing to listening in minutes. Some include a wireless subwoofer and Dolby Atmos audio for thundering sound to fill even the largest rooms.

Getting away from it all can be accomplished with our array of great headphones. Available features include true wireless technology with active noise cancellation, sweat and splashproof designs and up to 33 hours of playback before needing to find a charge!

Stay Cool, Calm and Connected

And because you need to be comfortable to learn, TCL has a great assortment of air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Window and portable ACs of nearly every size will keep you cool, while our dehumidifiers (some with a built-in pump to avoid the hassle of emptying the bucket) keep you dry.

My favorite way of keeping everything together is with a rock-solid wireless connection. When I switched from a traditional router to TCL’s LinkHub Mesh WiFi system, all of my connectivity issues went away!  TCL’s system is available in a 2- or 3-pack and provides up to 4300 ft2 of coverage. Stream in 4K (or 8K!)? Eliminate dead spots? Have up to 100 users? Piece of cake with this system! And it’s all easily managed with your phone. All this and setup only takes minutes!

Honestly, with all the effort we’ve put into making our products easy to set up, you’ll spend more time finding a spot to store your empty boxes than you will getting it ready.

So, as we return to school this fall, students get a break from their folks—and vice versa—and reset their minds to the task of learning. At TCL, we’re excited to play a small role in that!