Football’s grand finale is right around the corner, and it’s important to send off the season with a bang. Everyone knows that this is not any other game day: this is the Sunday that makes champions and breaks hearts. Just like the pros, it’s your duty to throw on your jersey and go all out one last time.

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned pro when it comes to hosting game day gatherings, everyone needs a few pointers. Fortunately, we’ve designed a simple playbook to help take your big game party to the next level. After all, a little coaching never hurt anyone.

Here are a few things you need for a successful get together.

Winning Commercial Breaks

Not every party attendee is going to be a hardcore football fan and that is okay (they usually bring the best snacks, so keep them on your invite list). Fortunately, during the big game, there is a lot of quality entertainment to enjoy during the breaks. Just like you, advertisers know that the first Sunday in February is the time to pull out all the stops. Take things up a notch with commercial bingo: Before kickoff, have participants fill out a blank bingo card with common themes (i.e. "Clydesdales," "Cars"). Continue to mark as the game progresses. Whoever is the first to hit bingo can win a prize, bragging rights or has to take out the garbage at the end of the night (we don’t recommend the last one, but it’s your party).

8-Series Angled RightBig TV for a Big Game

Players, coaches and commercials aside, everyone knows that if you want to earn a spot in the hosting hall of fame, you need to have the best picture possible. Create the ultimate viewing experience at home with a 4K television with a large screen. Don’t know where to start? Look no further than our lineup of award-winning TCL Roku TVs. Available with brilliant 4K UHD picture, Dolby Vision HDR for lifelike color, and the beloved Roku TV platform; people can’t take their eyes off of the 6-Series TV for good reason. To make the biggest impact, step your game up with the 8-Series TV, the world’s first TV with Mini-LED technology.

For more sizing options, consider the 5-Series, a Tom's Guide Editors' Choice, and for great value check out the 4-Series. Regardless of choice, bringing home the game has never been easier.

Seating to Make the Benchwarmers Proud

Everyone knows that football games are an all-day event. Between multiple timeouts, intermittent commercial breaks and the halftime show, it’s important to sit comfortably. To avoid an unnecessary tackle for the last spot on the sofa, make sure there are enough seats and space for guests to lounge. Set the mood by including lawn chairs and bleacher seats if you run out of formal places to sit and toss in a few blankets that rep your team to boost spirit.

A Nosh Station to Feed the Team

finger foodsAs host, it’s your job—or duty we should say—to have all the provisions for football’s final feast. If you want to be remembered as the Super Bowl host MVP, set up a spread that will not only please the crowds but will also keep them coming back for more as the night progresses. Bite-sized morsels are popular for parties and provide guests with the option to try many different foods instead of committing hard to one dish (And quietly throwing it away during a big touchdown). As a fail-safe go-to, you can never go wrong with some chicken wings or pigs in a blanket and don’t forget to bust out the chips and gauc!

Football’s biggest game provides every host a great excuse to put on an event. No matter the final score, with the right snacks, TV set up and company, your gathering is guaranteed to be a win for all of those in attendance.