The idea of great sound could mean different things to different people.

For example, my mom only wants to be able hear the voices on the Game Show Network clearly. Others will spend more on their subwoofer than I spent on my first car to maximize the rumble of an action movie soundtrack.

At TCL, we strive to meet these desires and more with products that offer a balance of advanced technology, impressive performance, and outstanding value.

Whether making the most of your internal TV speakers, or getting our great sound bars, we have your diverse needs in mind.

Smart & Versatile

For those who only want a TV and nothing connected to it, we can truly meet your needs with our award-winning 2023 TV lineup. Between our S Class TVs and our Q Class TVs, there is great sound to be heard!

Our S Class starts with great stereo speakers with suitable power for most content. For those willing to consider all the latest connectivity options, there’s HDMI ARC for one-wire sound and control of a compatible external system. The S3 has all of that plus adds Bluetooth® personal audio for those who want even more listening options.

Sound that Surrounds

As you move up the S Class line to our S4, you get features that were once reserved for higher-end sets. DTS Virtual:X is a great part of our advanced internal sound system that will make you feel immersed in whatever you’re watching, even with just the stereo speakers of the TV! Great sound at the push of a button!

For those wanting more, we also have Dolby Atmos pass-through, which means all the latest movies can sound AMAZING when connected to a compatible Dolby Atmos sound bar or home theater system.

Upgrading to Q Class’ QLED TVs offer all the features of the S4, plus our flagship QM8 has even more with a built-in subwoofer.

Of course, if you want truly next-level sound, the addition of an affordable, yet powerful TCL Sound Bar could be just the ticket.

Home Theater, Made Simple

Our S Class sound bars all offer that great DTS Virtual:X capability to make the sound feel like it’s all around you. Other features include wireless subwoofers, so you can hide the subwoofer away and still get thundering bass to make movies and games really come to life!

The S4210 comes with an elegantly compact sound bar (only 22” wide!) to fit with nearly any TV, perfect for smaller spaces, especially in apartments or dorm rooms.

Stepping up to the S4310 and S4510 brings a bigger sound stage and adds a critical center channel speaker.  With up to 80% of a movie’s sound originating from on-screen action, a center channel speaker is important to anchor that on-screen action to the TV. It makes voices sound more natural and lifelike. 

For sound that is literally all around you, our S4510 adds rear speakers. They conveniently connect to the subwoofer, which can be neatly tucked away behind the couch!

Home Theater, Made Better

Our Q Class offers high-performance sound to match the high-performance picture of our Q Class TVs. They bring a separate woofer and tweeters in the sound bar for even better sound quality and stereo separation. In addition to adding power to the sound bar, there’s also more power going to the larger subwoofer. With Q Class, you’ll feel the T-Rex stomping in Jurassic Park!

On top of better speakers, higher power, availability of rear speakers on our flagship model (the S65610), and a premium design, Q Class sound bars can be tailored to any room with our simple AI Sonic Auto Room Calibration. After just a few minutes, you’ll be able to tailor sound to the unique acoustics of your living room!

So, for those looking for the easiest way to maximize sound from a TV, or those demanding large-room filling, table-rattling, explosive audio to support the latest blockbusters, TCL has an answer for nearly everyone!