Dolby! Ahhh… The things that get conjured up in the mind of a movie lover or home theater enthusiast with just the mention of the name Dolby!

Nearly every exciting innovation I have seen in my 30+ years in the TV business (yes...I’m that old) seems to have Dolby associated with them! Since 1965, Ray Dolby’s vision has led to so many exciting advancements. 

Who can forget the opening scene of Star Wars, as the Blockade Runner streaks overhead, trying to escape the Imperial Star Destroyer? Movie-watching, powered by Dolby Audio, would never be the same (Fun Fact: The first Dolby Stereo movie was 1976’s A Star is Born)!

Then Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos took over the home theater market, becoming the Gold Standard for creating the most immersive audio experience at home.

Simply Stunning HDR

After transforming the world of audio, the magicians at Dolby turned their efforts towards pushing the envelope of picture performance—enter Dolby Vision.

TCL and Dolby have been close partners for years, resulting in TVs that deliver a world-class viewing experience. Innovative TCL TVs with Quantum Dot color, and our industry-leading Mini-LED backlight technology already bring an award-winning picture. Add to that the AMAZING performance of Dolby Vision HDR, and our users get unrivaled enjoyment when watching their favorite movies and TV shows!

The enthusiasts virtually swoon when they see the potential of Dolby Vision: 12 bit? 68 billion colors? 4000 nits?! Dynamic metadata?! No wonder in a recent survey, nearly 75% of AV enthusiasts polled said that Dolby Vision was a “must-have” in their next TV!

Dolby Vision Gaming on your TCL

So, what’s the next realm for TCL and Dolby to transform? GAMING! 

In the past year, avid gamers have gone from simply asking about the input lag on a TV, to demanding top-notch performance that matches what next-gen game consoles like the Xbox Series X are capable of delivering: 4k gaming, plus an incredibly low input lag, plus HDR, plus VRR, plus a great picture, with 8K just around the corner...

TCL’s commitment to gamers could not be better illustrated than being the Official TV of Call of Duty, as fans of this franchise are some of the most demanding gamers out there. Having that honor speaks volumes to our role in the world of gaming.

That commitment to gamers everywhere also explains why we are so excited that our customers will be among the first to enjoy the latest advancement in gaming as Dolby Vision comes to Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles!

The Xbox Series X has already won over the gaming community with its combination of performance, useability, and amazing game offerings, including incredible exclusives like the Gears and Forza franchises.

Dolby Vision HDR Gaming
Dolby Vision HDR Gaming

With Dolby Vision, gaming on a TCL TV and the latest generation Xbox consoles will let you experience games the way they were meant to be seen, with improved brightness, contrast, color, and depth.

Whether you are clipping the 100-mph double-apex known as Flugplatz on the sun-drenched track at Nürburgring in Forza Motorsport, or lurking in the shadows ready to ambush an opponent in Call of Duty: Vanguard, playing in Dolby Vision will truly immerse you in your favorite titles!

Game on TCL

While other manufacturers either don’t support Dolby Vision or may not embrace this amazing new addition to the world of gaming, our dedication to bringing joy and simplicity through the thoughtful execution of technology to our customers means we must do everything we can to ensure that their gaming experience is the best it can be!

Whether it’s the Premium Picture on our 5-Series, the Powerful Performance of our 6-Series, or Living Large with our 85” XL Collection QLED TV, we have a TV for nearly any user looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Simply put, TCL TVs with Dolby Vision will now let you play your favorite games on Xbox like never before with the most realistic and lifelike visuals the game has to offer, simply letting you…enjoy more.