What do people love most about going to the movies? When talking about seeing the latest blockbuster, people don’t talk about peak brightness, contrast ratio, resolution, motion handling or the number of HDMI inputs.

It’s all about forgetting life and being swept to a galaxy far, far away…or feeling like the biggest Titan in the Monsterverse attacking your town.

That’s why people flocked to the premiere of Godzilla vs. Kong at the legendary TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. For those lucky enough to get that middle seat about halfway up, they were rewarded with that magical experience of nearly perfect immersion. Having a 60o field of view is that point where you just get lost in the movie.

Bring the Cinema Home

But what about those of us who couldn’t make it to the theater? For us, TCL is proud to launch our XL Collection, a family of TVs 80” or larger, all designed to replicate that immersive experience at home. Sitting a comfortable distance from our new 85” XL TVs can give you that same perfect 60o field of view that whisks you away to another time and place.

XL Collection TV field of view

Did you know that nearly 500 movies were released went straight to streaming in the past year, with more and more and more scheduled this year? And we aren’t talking “Gremlins 5: The Re-Gremlining!” These are top notch movies, from Disney’s Cruella to Marvels’ Black Widow, to the highly anticipated remake of Frank Herbert’s Dune. There will be tons of great stuff to watch on a new TCL XL TV the way the moviemakers intended you to – totally immersed. 

Something for Every Home Theater

And because we are TCL, we are making this experience more accessible than ever. We have an amazing XL TV to fit any budget and exceed the highest performance standards to deliver big, big home entertainment.

Starting with the Stunning Picture of our 85” 4-Series, you get all the great attributes that were almost unheard of just a few short years ago: 4K UHD resolution and HDR support give you a great picture. Great connectivity and the amazing Roku operating system means all of your favorite content is just a remote click away. Plus, all this starts at under $1,600…available now!

Looking for more premium performance? Introducing the 85” QLED TV. Wow! Does this TV rock!  Take everything that is great about the 4-Series and, like, double it!! QLED color performance delivers the Hollywood colors that the folks who make the movies use. Want to see the vibrant yellow of Scorpions’ costume in the new Mortal Kombat? Only QLED can deliver that! 

To that we add our legendary Contrast Control Zones. Partner that with Dolby Vision HDR performance and you can get the deep inky blacks unheard of in even the best of movie theaters! And remember, having a full array backlight with local dimming like our Contrast Control Zones is the only way an LED TV can have the blackest-blacks and whitest-whites on screen at the same time. 

While we’re mainly focusing on how the XL Collection enhances your favorite movies, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that gaming on an 85” TV, done right, is the stuff that dreams are made of! That’s why, in addition to the great low-input lag found on the 4-Series, the 85” QLED TV also adds many of the latest gaming features to take advantage of the latest platforms and games: Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Game Mode, 120Hz HDMI input support, as well as THX® Certified Game Mode, all mean that you will get an unrivaled gaming experience as well. Our amazing QLED XL TV is available to order at under $3,000!

Big Things to Come

We are just getting started with the XL Collection. Our engineering team is hard at work putting the final touches on the crown jewel of the collection for 2021. As many manufactuers are only now introducing their first Mini-LED TVs, our upcoming model will feature TCL's 3rd generation Mini-LED backlight, OD Zero, with 8K resolution! Stay tuned for that incredible experience later this year.

As a quick shout-out to all the audio engineers out there, let’s not forget that a HUGE picture deserves HUGE sound. Whether you want to assemble a multi-speaker, receiver-powered home theater, or the simple addition of a sound bar, you need big sound to be part of the movie. At TCL, we have a great line of sound bars, several with Dolby Atmos®, to bring sound from all around you. 

So, get ready for an amazing year of great movies, and if you want to sit in your own chair, pause the movie when you want another snack, and want the best experience at home, TCL’s XL Collection is here for you.

But please, still remember to silence your cell phone during the movie.