Everyone’s favorite time of the year is back. The hipster of holidays, the crowd favorite, Halloween...or as Twitter loves to call it: Spooky Season is officially back in session. Yes, that means all the usual suspects are back from the ghostly themed memes, to the last minute rush to the store for candy, and the month long discussions of deciding what costume to wear—only to go with the one you wore for the last six years in a row.

But no, let’s not get carried away here, we all know why we really love Halloween. Screaming our heads off by watching our favorite horror classics and spine-chilling series late at night with the lights off. Now let’s get rolling straight to the spooky season viewing guide so you can see the best things to watch for Halloween on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.


Everyone knows the feeling… You’re scrolling through Netflix looking for the perfect movie to watch and realize you’ve wasted nearly an hour and still haven’t decided on anything. Well Halloween is just around the corner, so there’s no time to waste! If you’re ready to get your skin crawling then check out The Conjuring, Insidious, Scream and Hush. And if you’re looking for something more family friendly then you can queue up Coco or Coraline. Netflix also features some of our favorite originals like Stranger Things, Slasher, Black Mirror and The Haunting of Hill House.


While Netflix certainly reigns supreme as the stream king, Hulu definitely has a leg up as the scream king. From iconic horror classics to some of the biggest scares of the 21st century, Hulu offers the strongest selection of horror flicks. Here are a few of my favorites currently streaming on Hulu: Children of the Corn, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Hellraiser, The Evil Dead trilogy, Child’s Play, Get Out, and A Quiet Place. And if you’re looking to dive deep into a show check out Castle Rock, The Terror and the iconic The Twilight Zone.

Amazon Prime

Rounding out the top streaming platforms, Amazon Prime offers a wide range of old school monsters and industry altering classics to artistic and psychological horrors. So, if you’re looking to mess with your brain for a bit or in the mood for some good old fashion zombies, take a look at some of these movies on Prime: Hereditary, Cloverfield, Suspiria, Jacob’s Ladder, Night of the Living Dead and Nosferatu. And of course, we couldn’t forget a few show recommendations as well: Hannibal, American Horror Story, Twin Peaks and Lore.

Just like that, you now have all the top spooks that you can stream right now on Netflix, Hulu and Prime. They do tend to shake these titles up every so often, so if you’re looking back at this during Christmas or Easter time, you may want to look at one of our other streaming suggestions!