At TCL, we share a mission to create products that improve the lives of our users by connecting them to the content and people they love most. We’re best known for designing and building the amazing display technology – with our TVs among top sellers in every region of the world. And while screens have become unavoidable, we feel a responsibility to help consumers live better, healthier, more connected lives.

Enter NXTPAPER – The display breakthrough which represents the culmination of decades of research and has been available in our products since 2019.

And now, that work has paid off as NXTPAPER technology has been named to Fast Company’s third annual Next Big Things in Tech list, honoring technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries — from healthcare and security to artificial intelligence and data.

“The Next Big Things in Tech is not just a look around the corner — it's a look around the corner after that,” says Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company. “These are the products and ideas that will define technological innovation for the rest of this decade and beyond — and solve some of the world's most pressing issues. We are thrilled to honor the organizations that are making them a reality.”

From tablets to phones, this innovative display goes beyond the routine to create new possibilities for consuming and creating content. NXTPAPER is like no traditional screen of ordinary tablets or e-books. Delivering immersive, clear, and vivid full-color visuals outdoors or indoors. NXTPAPER’s proprietary nano-material layer and software solution creates an anti-glare screen — reducing the eye strain associated with conventional LCD screens — and shines brightly, ensuring crystal-clear visibility even in the harshest lighting conditions.

Chris Saunders, TCL’s director of product said, “We want to find more ways to help users improve eye comfort and cut out the glare so that when they’re working across multiple displays, they have a seamless, comfortable experience that puts eye health first — whether it’s vacationers reading on the beach, professionals at office or even kids doing schoolwork online.”