Based on what we saw and heard this week in Las Vegas, at the biggest tech event in the world, it is clear: TCL is going BIGGER, BETTER and BEYOND this upcoming year!

Let’s get this out there right now: 115 INCHES!

No, that’s not the wheelbase on a full-size SUV, or the height of a regulation basketball hoop. That’s the screen size of the World’s LARGEST QD-Mini LED TV, only from TCL. 

That’s a whole new level of immersion, that’s already led to one reviewer say that our 115” TV simply, “has no competition.”

Raising the Bar for Big Screens

Of course, we have some of the biggest TVs out there, but we also have a line of new 2024 TVs that have raised the bar for nearly every customer.

Our S Class introduces the all new S5 Series, which has many new great technologies, many for the first time in our S Class TVs. This includes our High Brightness LED backlight for up to 25% more brightness and more vibrant images. Plus, for the first time ever on an S Class TV, S5 also gets the new TCL AIPQ Processor with AI Super Resolution to ensure that the bright colorful images are also sharp and clear. In addition, S5 includes HDR PRO+ with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+, so overall image quality is brighter, clearer, and more vivid.

Our Q Class TVs helped define performance and value in 2023, and for 2024 we are not letting up! The Q6 adds QLED color, a technology we helped pioneer by introducing the world’s first big screen quantum dot TV back in 2015, bringing the Hollywood color standard into your living room! And our High Brightness Plus LED Backlight for 28% more brightness. There’s even 120 VRR gaming for blistering fast gameplay, and the larger sizes (the 85” model and now a new wall-devouring 98”) get the added performance of a 120Hz panel.

Our Q6 Pro raises the bar by adding one of my favorite features to really bring out the performance in an LED TV: A Full Array Backlight with Local Dimming. With the TV broken into zones with the LEDs controlling the contrast. This is the only technology that allows an LED to have the blackest blacks and brightest whites on screen at the same time.

Our Q7 put the industry on notice in 2023 that a well-executed Full Array TV could perform as well as competitors’ Mini LED TVs that did not offer the high zone count to truly bring out the potential of Mini LED technology. Now, for 2024, QM7 incorporates TCL’s premium High-Zone QD Mini LED with precise control of up to 1,500+ Zones. In addition, it adds the new High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight with incredible brightness up to 2,400 Nits Peak, and QLED PRO color. This brings the QM7 performance envelope to what would have been better than flagship TVs just a few short years ago.  Here we also ramp things up with our TCL AIPQ PRO Processor, a higher level of processing for high-speed, high-zone TV.  The QM7 also brings flagship level performance and features like a premium center-mount stand, IMAX Enhanced Certification, and AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Certification.

And for 2024, we are redefining the term flagship TV once again with our new QM8, which includes the incredible QD Mini LED ULTRA for Ultra High-Zone Dimming with up to 5,000+ Zones. This is over 2X the number of zones of the previous flagship level for truly inky blacks. Also included is the High Brightness ULTIMATE LED backlight with up to 5,000 nits peak brightness, and QLED ULTRA, for incredibly dynamic images.

Sound Goes to New Heights

If audio is half the moviegoing experience, then TCL is really helping make that experience better in 2024! 

Our new S Class and Q Class sound bars have what it takes to immerse you into your favorite game or movie!

Our S class offers great performance and great value. From a simple 2.0 channel sound bar to a 2.1 channel system with wireless subwoofer, TCL has the basics covered. 

Our Q Class sound bars for 2024 literally and figuratively “raise the bar” by adding Dolby Atmos to the line. The Q75H has a dedicated center-channel speaker, our exclusive Ray-Danz Acoustic Wave-Guide Reflectors to direct sound across the width of the room, side firing speakers to envelop you, and up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers for that great height effect. Finally, our flagship Q85H adds wireless rear speakers (only needing to plug in for power) that also include up-firing drivers to bring Dolby Atmos content to life and deliver a whole new level of performance!

Greatness in More Places

TCL is WAY more than a TV and sound bar company and at CES 2024 you will see all the latest innovations we have to offer in our amazing global appliance line. 

TCL will continue to evolve our appliance offerings in the US this year, with great options in refrigeration, plus home comfort with a variety of room and window air conditioners to keep you cool during the inevitable heat this summer.

So, for 2024, TCL is going BIGGER, BETTER, and BEYOND, with industry leading technologies and features that have helped us not only become the Official TV Partner of the NFL, but also remain the #2 Best-Selling TV Brand in the US for the last five years!