When we go shopping for a new TV, sometimes it’s because we’re looking to upgrade to modern technologies or to cut the cord on our cable or satellite programming. Whatever the reason, we get so caught up in embracing the incredible capabilities in smart TVs that we tend to forget about what to do with the old ones.

Most end up in the basement or garage, while some retailers offer to take them off your hands for a small fee in exchange for a purchase. Unfortunately, some end up in the trash.

At TCL, we create innovative televisions with easy-to-use features but we’re equally proud to focus on environmental sustainability, and that’s made us a lot more than America’s fastest growing TV brand.

TCL is also America’s fastest growing recycler of electronics.

TCL funds a wide variety of recycling programs in more than 20 states, offering consumers a convenient, free or reduced-cost recycling alternative to throwing out all brands of used or end-of-life electronics.

No, you can’t recycle that pizza box

We’re all so used to hearing words like “recycle” and “sustainability”, but unfortunately most of us don’t know what they really mean. Many of us strive to be green, while at the same time we often fill our recycle bins with what we believe should be recyclable, and not with what actually is recyclable.

This is one of the larger challenges facing the recycling industry. Along with cans and bottles, consumers enthusiastically throw in other items like diapers, Styrofoam, pizza boxes, and plastic shopping bags. Not only do these jam up machines that separate the items, they also can add to the cost of recycling.

Fortunately, electronics recycling doesn’t face those same challenges. But it does face the challenge of awareness. Simply put, people need to know what their options are with old electronics products.

TCL commits millions of dollars to fund electronics recycling programs throughout the United States.

Why do we do it?

The average American household uses more than 20 electronic devices at any given time. If products aren’t recycled, it means they end up in landfills.

Imagine every television, cell phone, gaming console, computer, DVD player, fax machine, printer, VCR, and other device you’ve owned being thrown out by every household, in every town, across America.

That’s where we come in.

As of July, TCL funded the recycling of more than three million pounds of electronics in 2017, and has doubled its recycling commitments year after year. That’s a record of environmental sustainability that any company would be proud of.

You can visit the Electronics Recycling area of our website to learn whether free recycling is offered in your area, to get a list of any collection events coming to your neighborhood, and other information including what products you can recycle and what your state is doing to help.

What happens to the products in the programs that we fund?

No products in the programs we participate in are shipped overseas or dumped on someone else’s doorstep. Every product accepted is safely collected, shipped to an accredited and reputable recycler, and recycled in accordance with either the R2 or e-Stewards standard.

These are the highest standards in the electronics recycling industry.

Just as important as recycling is getting the message out to consumers to never throw away a television or any of your electronic devices. Always look for a recycling or reuse alternative.

When you recycle your electronics products, especially the older ones, you’re choosing to make a difference. That’s one less product in a landfill, which means a cleaner planet for everyone.

I recently went through my house to round up old products for recycling. I counted 22 devices. How many are in your house?