If you go to your local electronics store, more than likely you will see aisles lined with all the latest and greatest tech gear. You will also see a sea of TV boxes stacked together getting ready to make their way into their new homes.

If you are thinking about picking up a new TV this holiday season, here are the top reasons why TCL should be top of mind, whether as a gift for friends, family, or for yourself!

Hollywood Movies are Best Seen in QLED

Did you know that quantum dot technology delivers more than a billion brilliant colors with greater accuracy, better brightness, and wider color volume? That same rich color pallet offered by QLED is also what Hollywood directors use to tell their stories!

In 2015, TCL introduced the first big screen TV with quantum dot technology. We knew QLED would be a major pinnacle in home theater technology for years to come, helping to reproduce what moviemakers envision for the cinema. That’s why we wanted to make QLED Quantum Dot color more accessible, so that everyone can enjoy a truly cinematic experience at home.

Our 5-Series TVs are the perfect choice to add vivid wide color on top of sharp 4K resolution.

Or you could step up to 6-Series 8K, which utilizes Mini-LED backlight technology and over 33 million powerful pixels to take colors and contrast to the next level! The combination of Mini-LED and QLED means that you’ll enjoy striking, vivid color even with ambient lighting, for perfect picture quality in any room.

On top of QLED, the entire 6-Series lineup features THX Certified Game Mode which showcases video games in cinematic quality. This builds on advanced HDMI features for maximum gaming performance. The unqiue combination of powerful performance and immersive cinematics is what consistently places TCL in the conversation every year as one of the top gaming TVs available!

Smart Home Command Center

Take control of your smart home with a new Smart TV from TCL. No matter what operating system you choose, there are tons of smart features that will help you enjoy even more than watching your favorite shows and movies.

Whether you already have a smart home, or you're planning to get other smart devices, compatibility with popular smart technology and voice assistants makes for a seamless addition to your home.

TCL TVs with Roku TV work with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google, to make smart home integration a breeze. TCLs with Google TV are available with hands-free voice control, making it easier than ever to check doorbell cameras, find a lost cell phone, or turn on the lights just by asking Google.

There's a TCL for every home theater. And with leading smart OS choices, you can be sure that the smartest experiences are on a TCL TV.

Perfect Pairings

A new TV is at the centerpiece of your home theater, but there are some helpful accessories that can make things truly immersive.

A sound bar is the best way to give your setup a boost and add amazing sound to match amazing picture performance. If you have your eye on a TCL Roku TV, check out the new Alto R1 Roku TV Wireless Sound Bar, which can help you go from unboxing to listening in minutes. Just plug it into power and wirelessly pair it to your Roku TV—without clutter. 

If you’re looking at our newest selection of TCL TVs with Google TV, don’t miss out on the Full HD USB Camera which gives families the ability to make video calls from their living room on the big screen using Google Duo.

No matter which model of TV you choose, keep everything connected with the LINKHUB Mesh WiFi system, which covers your home in fast wireless connectivity for fewer dead zones and less buffering while streaming.

Finding The Perfect Gift

The best thing about getting a TCL TV this holiday season is that it’s something everyone will love. After all, gathering around the TV with family and friends, and enjoying more moments together is what the holiday season is all about.

With a revamped home theater, you’ll also have an excuse to invite more people over for movie nights, live sports viewing parties, and catching up on the latest reality shows.

Don’t miss our Holiday Gift Guide featuring even more of our curated tech picks to make gifting a little easier this year!