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Ah, February. The sun isn’t shining, the birds have migrated south, everything is still too cold, and it is the month with only 28 days for who-knows-what-reason. However, at the halfway point of the month we have a lone bright spot, a figurative warmth that cheers us up, or makes us want to vomit. Yes ladies and gentleman, that is Valentines Day; either a day where you celebrate the joy and love in your life, or a day when you cringe and resent the world and all of the gross love within it. Whichever side of the spectrum of appreciation you're on, here’s a list of movies you can watch with either your significant other or with a significant portion of ice cream.

For the Lovers

A Star is Born - A tale of love and romance, performance and singing, the critically acclaimed new version with Lady Gaga is available for purchase on Vudu, Apple, YoutTbe and more, just in time to watch on a quiet Valentine’s Day in. You can also rent some of the earlier iterations of the film for slightly less. 

For the Fighters

The Fighter - Available to stream on Netflix, cure some of that out-of-relationship pain by watching Mark Wahlberg punch people and Christian Bale indulging in questionable forms of recreation. Who needs a significant other anyway when you have something to punch?

To Make your Heart Sink

Titantic - Another renter, available on all the major streaming platforms, Titanic is a great romantic movie to cuddle up with your partner and watch. Sing along to Celine Dion while you pray the ending changes this time and true love prevails, also if you despise love and all it stands for, watch Titanic and root for the boat.

For Lonely Hearts

Kill Bill - For anyone out of a recent relationship, thoughts of their ex getting beat up by Uma Thurman may have popped in your mind. Catch the Tarantino classic on Netflix and watch a good ol’ fashioned revenge flick to get your mind off being single.

For a Different Kind of Love

Her & The Shape of Water - Can go both ways on this one, if you wanna catch some unusual love between you and your phone or you and your pet, Her is available on Netflix to see Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with his phone, or switch over to HBO to see Shape of Water where Sally Hawkins gets freaky with a fish. Both films end up being really endearing, so watching with your other half could be fun, or might just get awkward.

For Getting Steamy

50 Shades Freed - If Shape of Water isn’t getting you in the mood, HBO has Fifty Shades Freed, the latest in the Fifty Shades franchise for you. Honestly, I haven’t seen this movie (yet) but I’m sure it’s full of sexy stuff for those of you who are into that.

For Getting Popcorn 

Ghostbusters - If you’re just too single, not in the mood for any love whatsoever, unable or unwilling to let love into your heart, just turn on Ghostbusters. Streaming on Netflix right now, you can catch Bill Murray not crossing his streams and just havin’ a good ol’ time catchin’ ghosts. Very wholesome content.

And there it goes, just as quick as Valentine’s Day, our list is there and gone too soon (or not soon enough). Honorable mention goes to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for a movie that I couldn’t decide if you should watch when single or coupled. Gonna be a toss up there. However you choose to spend this quirky holiday, you’ll be sure to fall in love with watching a movie on your TCL Roku TV.