In recent years, the lines of distinction between a dedicated pro-grade gaming monitor and a traditional TV have blurred to the point of nearly being gone. 

Not too long ago, if a TV had a low input lag (loosely defined as the amount of time that passes from when you push a button on a game controller and the corresponding action happens on-screen), that was all that was needed to make it a “great TV for gaming.” Fun Fact: By that standard, our 4K resolution 4-Series would have been the King of the Hill just a few short years ago!

But times, technology, and expectations, have changed! Today’s most demanding gamers are…well…more demanding. On other blogs, we will delve into the myriad of advanced gaming features available from TCL this year, but the point today is just how EASY it is to get both the best gaming performance and the best TV/movie picture performance from your TCL TV.

The acronym we are leading up to is Auto Low Latency Mode or ALLM, a feature we call Auto Game Mode. As easy as it would be to understand what it does based on the name, there’s more to the magic than the name implies. Let’s take a look.

The Right Picture Mode—Instantly & Automatically

Imagine the scenario where you are watching the exciting new Netflix action movie Uncharted.

Many users take a little time to dial the picture in just right, putting the TV in Movie Mode, with the color, contrast, sharpness, motion settings (and more), all dialed in to make the most of your movie-watching experience. 

All that great processing delivers an amazing picture, but it takes time…a few milliseconds here and there. It all adds up though, which could add a slight delay that you wouldn’t see while watching a movie. However, any delay can be meaningful while gaming. 

When you’re done watching the movie Uncharted, you may be pleased to know that the movie was based on a wildly successful game franchise. The magic is as simple as this…. Stop streaming the movie, switch to your game console, and start the game. With that, all the magic automatically happens.

In a nutshell, the TV optimizes itself for the best gaming experience

It’s so nuanced that even if you were using the game console as your streamer, as some gamers do, Auto Game Mode doesn’t turn on until you start playing a game, not when you are watching Netflix through your game console.

Just as cool, when you finish gaming and want to watch your new favorite movie, the TV automatically reverts to your favorite picture presets to make the most of that experience. 

Simply Great Gaming

The beauty of all this, again, is nothing needs to be done on your part. Just connect a compatible game console or gaming PC to a TCL TV with Auto Game Mode, such as the latest 5-Series QLED TV or 6-Series Mini-LED, and the devices and TV talk with each other via the HDMI cable to make sure that movies and TV look their best, and your gaming experience is its best. **PRESTO!**