One of my favorite recent online memes includes the quote:

“Marriage is two people asking each other ‘what’s on tonight?’ until you die.”

Maybe 33 years of marriage led me to really appreciate that, but that’s a different blog post…

Whether through industry surveys, or just at dinner with friends talking about what everyone’s watching, it’s clear that people spend more time trying to find what to watch than they should, and less time actually watching what they want to watch.

It is only with slight hyperbole that I remind my wife that we could watch anything ever made, at any time we want. Not surprisingly, my insights are of little help…

With TCL, You Can Watch Brilliantly

So, it seems that the days of hitting the Guide button, and letting our limited choices wash over us are quickly coming to an end.  Finding better ways to see engaging content we want is something we all (content providers, TV OS creators, and TV manufacturers) need to make easier for our users.

At TCL, if we truly want to live up to our creed of “bringing you joy and simplicity through the thoughtful execution of technology,” we need to be ahead of the curve in terms of helping our users find what to watch next. As the world’s number one provider of TVs using Roku TV, as well as Google's operating systems, we’re able to do just that for our users.

By being vertically integrated (we make all our own stuff), as well as offering the world’s top streaming platforms—Roku TV, Android TV and Google TV—TCL is in a unique position to make watching TV easier than anyone else. Here are a few great ways to enjoy content more easily from our platform partners.

TV Tailored to You with Android TV

Fire up one of our TVs using Android TV and you will be shown not only your favorite apps and much more. With the latest updates, you’ll get great things like the Discover tab, where you will be shown content based on your viewing preferences (mine is loaded with action/sci-fi shows!) and you will also get the option to review content through a series of “thumbs up/thumbs down” choices to tailor recommendations to your preferences.

What you want to watch, all in one place with Google TV

Things get even cooler with TCL TVs with Google TV.  There are even more “content forward” offerings, meaning you’ll spend more time choosing movies and shows instead of scrolling between apps. Google TV also features one of my favorite things: Watchlist. So now when you are sitting around talking with the gang about what you have to watch next, instead of making a mental note of it…then forgetting what it was when you’re home and ready to watch…all you have to do is Google the movie or show title, tap “Add to Watchlist” on your phone within the search results (yes, iPhones too!), and when you get home, power up your TV and it will be there waiting. Including where to stream it!

Enjoy the entertainment you love quickly with Roku TV

Not to be outdone, TCL Roku TVs, long known as a super simple way to enjoy all of your content, have great ways to discover what to watch next. My favorite way leans heavily on how many of my friends and family start watching TV: the old-fashioned, linear way. They fire up the TV and cable box, and turn on Last Man Standing because they know it starts at 4:00pm. But on a TCL Roku TV, this is a perfect way to crossover seamlessly to a great streaming experience. While watching your show, hit the “OK” button on the remote, and you will see in the lower left a little prompt to hit the “*” button to bring you to More Ways to Watch. From there, not only can you watch the episode of Last Man Standing (from the beginning, if you’re a few minutes late, and often without commercial interruption!), but you'll also see all the episodes of that show you can stream so that you don’t have to wait until 4:00pm to watch the next episode. Plus, you’ll also get recommendations based on the fact that you are enjoying Last Man Standing…bringing you to even more fun shows!

This also works with shows you recorded on your DVR and shows found on the Live TV Channel, now with hundreds of choices for free TV!  All using the power of Roku’s More Ways to Watch.

More Watching, Less Searching

All TCL TVs also offer ways to find content by simply using your voice! Whether it’s using the magic of Google Assistant, or the powerful Voice Search on TCL Roku TVs, speaking is believing!

So, with the choices brought to you by TCL and our leading smart TV partners, you’ll be watching your favorite shows, and watching new shows more easily, letting you simply enjoy more.