Many years ago, I remember being on the sales floor when we put our first 32” TV on display… Without dating myself too much, I remember thinking it couldn’t get any bigger than that!!  Then I remember setting up the NEC DT-5271, which weighed almost 500 pounds! 

Boy, how times and accessibility have changed!

If 2023 showed that TCL is the leader in GIANT big screen TV sizes, with an amazing family of 98” TVs, 2024 will prove that we will go BIGGER, BETTER, and BEYOND with mega-size 115” flagship TV.

Mega Big Screen. Made Easy.

Not only does our new 115QM891 offer up to a staggering 1432% increase in viewing area, but our the World’s Largest QD-Mini LED TV immerses you like never before, even at less than half the weight of that ol’ NEC projector. So, it won’t take 8 guys to install it (true story, 8 guys—I was one of them)!

And accessible means this TV can be comfortable to enjoy from about 10 feet away, with that perfect field-of-view that moviemakers and TV experts recommend.

Mini is Mighty

One of the challenges of TVs has always been accurately replicating seeing things in real life, including the brightness of the sun reflecting off a chrome bumper, the searing menace of a light saber, or the roaring flames shooting out of the back of an F/A-18E/F Super Hornet on afterburner. 

TCL launched the world’s first Mini LED TV back in 2019, and we have been leading in that technology ever since. Our new Mini LED Ultimate backlight can deliver incredible peak brightness. That’s over twice as bright as our flagship TV from last year that one reviewer called, “the brightest TV we ever tested.” That’ll faithfully reproduce the look and feel of the brightest things we experience in real life, all while watching a TV…

That is the definition of immersion!

Our Most Advanced Picture Yet

Being the Official TV Partner of the NFL, we know how important it is to deliver every play, every pass, and every hit in bright, vibrant accurate images.

To borrow a phrase from Pirelli, “power without control is nothing.” In their case it meant using advanced tire technology to improve the handling of some of the best cars in the world. At TCL it means taking our incredibly powerful Mini LED Ultimate backlight and ensuring that the amazing brightness shines when needed, while also ensuring that the delicate shadow detail found in the latest Dolby Vision HDR content reveal themselves to the viewer. 

To do that, we control that backlight in as many as 20,000 individual areas, or zones. With 20,000 zones, that space battle in Star Wars can be filled with both squint-inducing explosions and inky black starfield behind it simultaneously! Controlling 20,000 zones over 8 million pixels that change up to 120 times a second means that the TV has 19,200,000,000,000,000 (that’s 192 quattuordecillion!) “things going on” to help make it deliver an incredible picture for viewers. 

Being vertically integrated, basically meaning “we make all our own stuff,” gives TCL the advantage to make great processors. For 2024, our family of TCL AIPQ Processors culminates with our TCL AIPQ ULTRA, found in this TV.

Cinema Color, At Home

Did I mention it’s also a color TV? 😊  Not just color, but Quantum Dot QLED color. QLED is considered the “Gold Standard” of color reproduction and is another technology in which TCL leads, starting when we launched the world’s first big-screen Quantum Dot TV back in 2015. 

This year rich QLED color powered by that amazing backlight means you will get rich, vibrant colors without having to sequester yourself in the basement with all the doors and windows closed and every light off.  Of course, I feel this TV makes the ultimate home theater for those craving that light-controlled experience, too. But this TV also shines (see what I did there?) where real people watch TV, with windows open, curtains pulled back, and all that natural light.

Play Like a Pro

When I was playing Tecmo Bowl back in the 1980’s, I never dreamt that big screen gaming at home would be a thing, but boy was I wrong. 

Not only does our new 115” flagship TV give you everything you need to experience your favorite movies or video games like never before, but also it has the chops to give you the best gaming experience out there. 

Gaming in 4K is where it is at! Gaming at 120Hz is what the demanding gamers need! Gaming in 4K at 144Hz is about as good as it gets! 

But we didn’t stop there!

This TV also offers our Game Accelerator 240 with up to 240 VRR and all the performance chops you need. That’s also why it earned the AMD FreeSyncTM Premium certification! We have added our new Game Bar, so that avid gamers can monitor and control many functions of the display, from shadow detail to real-time frame rate—it’s all right there on screen!

Being the Official TV of Call of Duty®, the most successful game franchise in history, means we know what it takes to help gamers “level up,” and the 115QM891 does that like never before!

Gaming, movies, sports, and your favorite streaming shows… Our new flagship TV delivers on all fronts, without the sacrifices needed when using other display technologies, or the challenges inherent to a projector setup.

For 2024, TCL is raising the bar again with our new staggering 115” QM8 series TV. Size matters, and this year TCL has you covered.