TCL has long been known for making great TVs for gamers. Contributing to that is our ability to respond to the evolving needs of even our most discriminant users.

It seems just a short time ago, avid gaming enthusiasts would ask, “what’s the input lag on this TV,” and that was the beginning and ending of the discussion for what made a TV great for gaming. 

Today, a top gaming TV not only needs to deliver low input lag (the time it takes for you to hit a button on a controller and have the corresponding action appear on-screen, measured in milliseconds), but it also needs to deliver all the same qualities that makes movies & TV shows come to life, including rich color, great contrast, searing brightness, high frame rates, and more.

A TV for Every Gamer

For 2023, TCL has a little something for everyone. From the casual gamer to the gamer who spent more on their PC gaming rig than I spent on my first car!

Even our simply smart TVs for 2023, our S2 and S3 models, each have a dedicated Game Mode. This means that with a flip of a switch, the TV internally bypasses some of the internal processing to minimize input lag for great, fast action gaming response.

What’s better than fast action gaming? How about automatic fast action gaming? For that, stepping up to our S4 brings Auto Game Mode, also known also as ALLM. As its name suggests, this cool feature automatically engages Game Mode when you start playing a game. It even goes back to your previous picture mode when you are done playing.

Auto Game Mode is so nuanced that even if you are using your game console to stream a great show like The Witcher, enjoying it in all its Dolby Vision HDR glory, then think, “Hey, I want to play The Witcher video game,” it’s only when you actually start gaming that the TV enters Game Mode.  When you have had enough and return to streaming, Henry Cavill looks his best in glorious Dolby Vision again…automatically!

Things start to get really fun with Q Class and our Q6 TVs. On top of Auto Game Mode, you get picture improvements like QLED Quantum Dot Color – the Gold Standard for color reproduction – and our High Brightness display that’s up to 66% brighter than our S4. 

Dialing Up Performance

For the most demanding gamers, with the latest next-gen consoles or dedicated gaming PC rigs, crucial choices that can help maximize your experience. Back when I was gaming, my biggest choice was deciding how many more quarters I wanted to dump into the Galaga machine!

These days, there are dozens of factors a gamer can pour through to maximize their enjoyment. As the Official TV of Call of Duty®, TCL is acutely aware of your needs and we strive to deliver the best experience you can get on the sticks!

Perhaps the biggest choice a gamer makes is the tradeoff of resolution and frame rate. Basically, using the dashboard of the console or PC, gamers can raise or lower the resolution (how much detail is in the picture) and to complement that, raise or lower the frame rate (basically the number of pictures per second being sent to the TV) that’s being put out. Based on many variables, such as what the console or PC is capable of outputting, and further down the line what the TV is capable of receiving, there is generally a tradeoff between resolution and frame rate.

For example, a slower paced game might be more fun at a lower frame rate with more detail. On the hand, the latest installment of Call of Duty, where split-second decisions mean the difference between winning and losing, might benefit from a higher frame rate at a lower resolution. 

Next-Level QLED Gaming

With the introduction of TCL’s new Q Class, we are making premium gaming features even more accessible.

The real magic begins with Game Accelerator 120, which unleashes 120 VRR gaming in select Q6 TVs for an unprecedented level of speed and performance in a TV at this price level. Use the dashboard on your game console or PC to set the output to 1440p/120Hz, and the Q6 will accept that and deliver astounding 120 VRR gaming performance at 3840 x 1080p resolution. Having 120 VRR means blistering speed without unwanted artifacts like tearing of the image for a premium gaming experience.

Need more? For the bleeding edge gamer, how about playing at twice that frame rate?! For those gamers, we have Game Accelerator 240, found on Q7 and QM8. On these TVs, you get a host of benefits for your gaming enjoyment.

For starters, console gamers can enjoy blistering 144Hz gaming at full 4K resolution! But for the PC gamers, it goes to a whole new level with our Game Accelerator 240. With this, you’ll get the performance once reserved for dedicated gaming monitors (often small 28” screens) on a more immersive screen up to a wall-devouring 98-inches!! Take advantage by simply selecting 1080p/240Hz on the PC dashboard, and the TV will accept that signal and deliver unprecedented 240 VRR gaming performance!

With TCL’s new Game Bar, keeping an eye on the most relevant information, including Frame Rate, HDR status, VRR status, Target Assist, and more, is also just a click away!

A Level Above

In addition to delivering industry-leading gaming performance, TCL TVs this year improves the overall viewing experience when watching your favorite movies and sports, by building on notable industry firsts. These innovations, such as the world’s first big-screen Quantum Dot TV and the World’s first Mini-LED TV are now benchmarks for performance, leading other brands to follow in our footsteps. 

So, for 2023 sports fans, binge streamers, and movie buffs, all have something to look forward to with TCL’s latest TVs. However, gamers especially will get (virtually) pushed back into their seats with the rush brought on by our latest gaming features when they add a TCL to their arsenal!