Whether you’re a casual gamer or one who plays competitively online, you always want to have the best experience possible on the sticks. 

A big part of what makes that experience better is the right TV. If you’ve been looking to upgrade to a big screen gaming experience that can keep up with your level of play, a big screen TCL QLED TV is the easy way to a perfect playthrough. 

With TCL’s latest lineup of gaming TVs featuring Game StudioTM, you’ll play like a pro and enjoy a competitive edge. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to add a big screen TV from TCL to your arsenal. 

next-gen gaming TV
next-gen gaming TV

Next-gen games will look the way they were meant to be seen

TCL’s QLED TVs reproduce more than a billion brilliant colors. TCL introduced the world’s first big-screen TV with QLED (also known as Quantum Dot) back in 2015 and has continued to refine the wide color technology it pioneered. 

What does wide color bring? In a nutshell – incredibly lifelike color. So, a big screen TV from TCL can reproduce the same colors that Hollywood studios and game developers alike use when creating blockbuster movies and video games.

The result is a vivid picture every time you play as intended by the creators, plus amazing color for everything else you watch.

optimal big screen gaming TV
optimal big screen gaming TV

An optimal viewing experience for big-screen gaming

The latest generation of TCL TVs employ advanced refresh rates so you’ll always keep up with the action and enjoy smooth clarity. 

TCL’s high-performance QLED TVs feature 4K resolution packing a ton of pixels into the display for better clarity, while models that have 120Hz refresh rate panels deliver gameplay that is buttery smooth. 

With advanced refresh rates, you’ll catch those game-changing moments as they happen and truly play like a pro in the biggest, most immersive way possible. 

TCL finally lets you experience the biggest advancements in gaming—now on the big screen.

Gaming TV with VRR and FreeSync
Gaming TV with VRR and FreeSync

Fast-action response out of the box

Be ready to play with Auto Game Mode, which automatically adjusts your TV’s settings to get that super-responsive game feel when you fire up your console. When you switch back to streaming a movie on Netflix, the TV will remember your previous settings for maximum entertainment convenience. 

Variable Refresh Rate or VRR up to an incredible 144Hz on select models ensures your screen lines up with whatever framerate your game is throwing down. Plus with AMD FreeSyncTM on the latest 5-Series and 6-Series QLED TV models, you’ll enjoy the ultimate, tear-free gaming experience at virtually any framerate, so you always have the advantage.

big screen gaming
big screen gaming

See games in a way that’s truly game-changing

TCL’s big-screen TVs have long been known for ultra-low input lag. That means on a TCL, you’ll see the action in near real time, giving you the upper hand to respond to the action as it happens—and before your rivals even know what’s going on.

This level of responsiveness is especially helpful in multiplayer games where timing is everything.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

A cinematic experience brings you closer to the story

TCL’s big screen TVs with Game Studio ProTM bring cinema-quality graphics and powerful audio, in addition to smooth play and near-instant responses.

Support for both Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® add bleeding edge cinematic visuals and audio to your gaming experience, to better transport you into the world of the game like never before.

From RPGs, to shooters, and racing games, more titles support Dolby, so playing on a TCL big screen TV lets you take full advantage.

Ai-powered display
Ai-powered display

Engineered to entertain

Seamlessly smooth gameplay, fast response time, and low input lag—that’s just half the picture with a TCL.

TCL’s big-screen TVs are equipped with AiPQ Engine™ technology which uses machine-learning algorithms to optimize color, contrast, and clarity in real-time for an unrivaled 4K HDR experience, no matter what you’re watching.

Plus, a smart TV from TCL is the easy way to stream and enjoy more of your favorite entertainment, whether it’s gaming, sports, or movies.

sound bar for gaming
sound bar for gaming

Immersive sound puts you in the game like never before

Experience sound that surrounds with Dolby Digital decoding that maximizes sound clarity and creates incredible room-filling virtual surround sound. Dolby Atmos support adds larger than life 3D sound, so that the audio truly envelopes you for a more immersive listening experience.

Upgrading your setup with an Alto Sound Bar really make games come to life. It won’t be just the loud stuff that’s made better either. Hear every word and enjoy clearer dialogue so you’ll always be part of the conversation. Speech, score and sound effects are perfectly balanced in every scene, the way your favorite games were meant to be heard.

Plus, select TCL TVs have up to 4 HDMI ports, an Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), and you can even enjoy a seamless audio upgrade with TCL Alto Sound Bars featuring the Roku TV ReadyTM badge, so you’ll have everything you need to level up.

Always a perfect playthrough

TCL’s lineup features a vast selection of QLED TVs that come with a range of features and capabilities, with screen sizes up to 98" to give you the best home theater and gaming experience. 

Among them is the 6-Series Mini-LED TV, one of the most awarded TVs for good reason. Available in wall-devouring sizes up to 85-inches, 6-Series is going to deliver an immersive big-screen gaming experience that not only pairs well with next-gen consoles, but exceeds what you thought was possible.