Upgrading to a new TV is always pretty exciting. A few years ago when I finally replaced my old plasma for the world’s first Mini-LED TV, it made a world of difference—the brightness of the advanced backlight, the vivid QLED wide color, and staggering detail made possible by the precise local dimming—I finally got the picture I previously only dreamed of.

With an amazing balance of color, clarity, and contrast, I was pretty smitten with my new TV. Still, there was something that was missing. After a while I figured out what it was: amazing audio to go with the amazing picture.

I wanted to hear my TV better. Luckily, adding a sound bar was the easy way to enhance everything I was watching even further.

If you’ve also been considering a sound upgrade, here are a few reasons you should think about adding a TCL Sound Bar to your home theater.

A Thinner TV Means Smaller Speakers

sound bars add bigger sound and more clarity

A long, long time ago TVs were bulky and boxy. Their design allowed plenty of room for larger speakers. However, TV technologies have come a long way, resulting in TVs that are thinner and lighter than ever. With sleek profiles and slim bezels, today’s smart TVs look incredible, but there’s increasingly less room inside the cabinet for speakers.

That design trade-off means speakers need to be located on the bottom or even on the back of a TV. Even with advanced audio processing like Dolby Atmos technology found on many TCL TVs, speaker location and size mean that your TV's audio might not match the incredible picture performance.

A sound bar can easily improve the sound quality you hear without complicated components, messy wiring, or big speakers scattered around your living room. Adding a TCL Sound Bar can make you feel like you’re truly surrounded in the scene that’s on screen, all while keeping your home theater neat and tidy.

Go from Unboxing to Listening in Minutes

quick sound bar setup

Have you ever had a home theater receiver? If you’ve had a system in the past and you aren’t ready to make that commitment once again, a sound bar is a great choice. A sound bar not only lets you upgrade your sound quality, but it’s super simple to set up and use.

TCL's sound bars can work with ANY brand of television, making them flexible enough to use with the shiny new TCL big-screen you have in the living room, or that old set you've got tucked away in a spare bedroom. 

Most TCL Alto Sound Bars feature Roku TV Ready, meaning they’re especially painless to set up with a Roku TV models. Just plug in the sound bar (and optional subwoofer) to power, connect the sound bar to the TV with an HDMI cable, and follow the on-screen instructions on your TCL Roku TV to complete the set up. That’s it!

Once everything has been connected and you’ve followed the on-screen prompts, you’ll be able to adjust the volume and sound settings with your TCL Roku TV remote. Plus, you can access both your sound bar and Roku TV settings in one place. Thanks to Roku TV Ready, you can say goodbye to juggling remotes. I’ve never even needed to put batteries in the remote that came with my TCL Alto Sound Bar!

Transform Movies, Shows, and Music

steam music wirelessly

I’m a minimalist and I didn’t like the idea of adding unnecessary components to get an amazing audio experience in my living room. With a sound bar, not only was I able to get the audio experience I wanted, but it’s so sleek that I hardly even notice it!

A sound bar can instantly add depth and clarity to your home theater that goes above and beyond your TV’s sound. The addition of a subwoofer takes things even further, adding bass that makes everything come to life.

Many of TCL's sound bars are also available with advanced features like DTS Virtual:X that make listening more enjoyable. Your favorite action movie will have a completely different feel when you’re able to hear the details of every explosion, engine roar, or rocketship fly across the screen.

The virtualized 3D sound coming from a Q Class sound bar will surround you. You’ll even hear where sounds are coming from with pinpoint accuracy, which will make viewing even more immersive. 

A sound bar is great even when you aren’t watching TV! Easily stream your playlists from other devices with Bluetooth®. These technologies make for a seamless listening experience along with stunning sound quality.

Experience Games the Way They Were Meant to be Heard

sound bar for gaming

TCL TVs are beloved by gamers for a reason. As the Official TV of Call of Duty®, they have everything you need to get the best possible experience with your new gaming console. Auto Game Mode, up to 240 VRR, HDR, low input lag, and the AMD FreeSync™, are just a few reasons why your gaming experience always looks amazing on a TCL TV.

But just as these picture technologies are essential for bringing stunning graphics to life in today’s games, a sound bar ensures you’ll have the audio to match.

Hear your enemies approaching, or the fighter plane whizzing above you, and finally hear the subtle details you were missing on your favorite titles. Since we are also proud to be the Official Sound Bar of Call of Duty, a sound bar from TCL won’t just help you listen to the game—you’ll truly be immersed in it.

Small Spaces Can Have Big Sound Too

dorm room audio

Even if you live in a small apartment or a dorm room, TCL has a sound bar that can give you the audio experience you want without sacrificing the space you need.

Take our 2.1 Channel S Class, for example. At less than two and a half inches tall, and under 23-inches wide, it is ultra-compact, low profile, and can fit nearly any room. Despite its small footprint, you’ll still be able to enjoy features like Dolby Audio processing for room-filing virtual surround sound and Bluetooth connectivity to seamlessly stream all your favorite music and podcasts from your mobile device.

Looking for even bigger sound and advanced features? Check out the S Class' 3.1 Channel Sound Bar which boasts built-in center speaker for better dialog, even during action-packed scenes.

Steven Spielberg once said, “I’ve always been of the belief that our ears lead our eyes to where the story lives.” That statement really rings true, and once you’ve upgraded to a TCL Sound Bar, you’ll finally hear why.