With so many exciting new technologies to discuss this year, from Variable Refresh Rate to THX Certified Game Mode, we need to remember that—especially in these times—a new big screen TV can be the centerpiece of a great movie night at home either alone, or with the family.

Moviemakers spend their lives creating the most incredible stories, leading viewers to laugh, jump, and cry. At TCL, we want you to enjoy their vision.

Here are some of the things baked into TCL TVs that help deliver color, clarity and contrast, and can transform a regular “TV night” into an immersive trip to another place and time:

4K Resolution

With likely 4 times the resolution (or more!) of the TV you’re replacing, TCL TVs with 4K Ultra HD resolution bring out every detail in a scene: from the old, creaky house taking flight in Up, to the subtle textures of Catwoman’s costume in Batman Returns

Trivia time…Did you know that the physical “film” movies have been shot on since…forever…has a higher resolution than 4K Ultra HD?  This means that even older movies that are “remastered in 4K” will look better than ever, justifying a re-watch of your old favorites!

High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Quantum Dot (QLED) Color

Imagine having to color a picture with that 64-color crayon box you grew up with. You could only make the picture so colorful and realistic, right? Now, imagine painting that same picture with a billion crayons…some of them as bright and vibrant as a searing lightning-bolt. That’s HDR!

Moviemakers can now use virtually any color or brightness imaginable to evoke emotion or take your breath away. Many TCL TVs can support HDR, and even better Dolby Vision, giving you the premium HDR experience found on tons of streaming services and discs. The colors of La La Land or the eerily green overtones of The Matrix never felt so real!

High Dynamic Range and QLED are a perfect synergy of creating a dynamic, realistic picture.  If you’re watching Field of Dreams (before you cry when Ray asks, “Dad, you want to have a catch?”), but the green of the Green Monster isn’t quite right, it can take you out of the movie. With HDR and QLED, the colors are not only rich and vibrant, they are correct.

Advanced Backlight Technologies

Without diving too deep into the science of things—that’s another part of the story in painting that picture—TCL TVs have the “horsepower” to deliver on the promise of all those great picture technologies already discussed. Specifically, we have Contrast Control Zones, Mini-LED backlights, and even Quantum Contrast, which reviewers have said delivers the highest contrast ratio of any LED TV they’ve ever tested!

Fundamentally, the foundation of any great picture is contrast. Not only are these technologies the only way an LED TV can deliver the blackest-blacks and whitest-whites on screen at the same time, but also they can deliver fantastic detail in shadows like you’ve never seen before.

Looking to see when the Xenomorph is going to leap out at Ripley in Alien?  With TCL’s combination of some world-exclusive backlights and great “local dimming” performance, you’ll see it coming before she does. And remember, in your living room, people can hear you scream!

Handling the Movie Right

Films are shot differently than TV shows. If a TV can’t recognize that, and adapt, you’ll see distracting artifacts that make you think, “what’s happening to the picture?” instead of, “what’s happening to that character?!” There are things like “judder” that looks like un-smooth panning in scenic shots.

TCL’s 5-, 6- and 8-Series have the performance features we have talked about, and the ability to reproduce movies with the look the film maker intended.

Some films are super sleek, smooth, and polished (think Gemini Man or Transformers), while some are gritty and even “grainy” (think 300, Alien, or just about any rough cop-movie). With advanced processing and settings like Action Smoothing and Action Clarity, TCL TV owners can ensure that the movie experience they get matches the moviemakers’ intent, drawing you into their story, as well as having the options to make it look the way YOU want.

BIG Screen Sizes

People don’t go to the movies because the screen fits neatly on a bureau in the corner.  They want to get DRAWN IN. At TCL, we currently have screen sizes up to a “wall-devouring” 75-inches. We even have our own panel manufacturing facility that’s been designed to make those sizes, and even larger…😉.  In my 20 years of selling TVs, I never had a customer, who gave it a chance, return a TV because it was “too big.” You grow to appreciate the immersion.

Quick Set-up

Because you’ll want the picture to look different during Movie Night than while watching a daytime ball game, TCL has super easy picture presets you can use to adjust the picture in seconds and set the mood, even before your previews begin!

And don’t forget that your favorite TCL TV has access to hundreds of thousands of movies, with easy ways to search for what you want. Movie night isn’t fun if you can’t find what you want to watch! 

Don’t Forget the Audio!

George Lucas once said that, “sound is 50% of the movie-going experience,” and at TCL we haven’t forgotten that. With robust built-in audio, the ability to pass Dolby Atmos (the BEST new audio format!) out to your sound bar audio system, or even TCL’s newest Alto 9+ Dolby Atmos sound bar, we can deliver the sound to draw you into you movie.

So, sit down, grab your popcorn and a comfy blanket, dim the lights, and enjoy the show, courtesy of TCL.