Every December, as most “normal” people make plans to spend time with family and friends over the holiday season, a select group of us “nerds” turn our attention to the most exciting event in our industry: CES—The Consumer Electronics Show.

In early January, thousands of tech-insiders descend on Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention Center to be among the first to see the latest and greatest technology.   

With over 3,200 brands showing the future of tech, it takes a great deal to stand out. Yet every year, TCL walks away with dozens of “Best of” awards from esteemed journalists, publications, and attendees.  

And with the pandemic behind us, TCL plans an even bigger splash for 2024!

Without showing our cards too much, what are some of the amazing things we can expect to see within TCL’s 20,000 square foot exhibit?

Bigger, Better Screens

TVs are perhaps what we are best known for. So, you’ll of course see our dominance in large TVs front-and-center, showing why TCL has the most market share in the TV segment with the most growth… BIG SCREENS!

Not only will you see BIGGER TVs, but you will also see even BETTER TVs.

TCL is accustomed to leading the industry in introducing important breakthrough technologies. We introduced the world’s first big screen quantum dot TV back in 2015. We introduced the world’s first Mini LED TV in 2019.

And for 2024, we’ll continue to push the boundaries in both technologies!

Imagine a TV that can meticulously reproduce the same color the content creator intended. Imagine a TV with a peak brightness that’s 35 times the brightness that a so-called "picture quality king" had just a few years ago! Imagine a TV with a powerful backlight where the number of local dimming zones is measured not in dozens, not hundreds, but in the tens of thousands of zones!

Exciting stuff ahead….

Sound That Surrounds

Cinema-quality sound continues to be a focus. In the year ahead, our sound bars will complete your home theater, fan cave, or gaming den, with exciting new technologies, new speaker configurations, and new ways to listen effortlessly.

In 2024, we’re taking home theater audio to all-new heights, with sound in front, behind, alongside, or even coming from above you!

Revolutionary Displays of All Sizes

For 2024 we are also coming out of our shell, showcasing the powerhouse that is our panel manufacturing division: CSOT.

For those who don’t know how the sausage gets made, CSOT is where we have the capacity to make 170 million panels each year! With over 100,000 patents, you will see incredible concepts and demonstrations of future technologies including automotive, curved, printed, and 3D displays!

One technology that has arrived, that we will show even more concepts of, are mobile devices with displays that deliver the look and feel of paper while also fulfilling our promise of “5G for all.”  Our mobile innovations will also include the latest version of our amazing AR glasses.

Greatness in More Places

We’ll even be showcasing our expertise in major appliances, including the latest innovations in refrigeration, heating and cooling systems, as well advances in our solar manufacturing.

Yep…we’re much more than award-winning TVs and phones!

Our partners will be there to share in the fun too! You’ll see demos showcasing why we are the Official TV and Sound Bar of Call of Duty®. We’ll have NFL legends in attendance showing why the NFL partnered with TCL to make their amazing games look their best at home!

It’s a forgone conclusion that 2024 is going to be another BIG year for TCL. At CES, you’ll not only see why we’re among the Top 2 best-selling TV brands in the United States, but you’ll also see what sets us apart.

Save the Date

Not attending CES? Join us virtually!

Watch our Gameday Event LIVE on January 8 and stay tuned for exciting announcements from TCL @ CES 2024.