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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Air-Purifier – TCL UK

20, Jun, 2022

20, Jun, 2022


Air purifiers are getting more and more attention due to the awareness of environmental protection. Check the 5 reasons why they grab people’s hearts from this article.


Maintaining air quality is one of the most prominent challenges the human race faces. When the outdoor air is polluted, the indoor quality deteriorates automatically, so you must install a room air purifier to clean your surroundings. The efficacy of air purifiers can be gauged by a fact: its global market is expected to reach up to $31.2 billion by 2030. This rise can be attributed to the increasing air pollution, which will only increase in the foreseeable future. 

Air purifier


Importance of Having Room Air Purifiers


1. Air Purifiers Remove Dangerous Chemicals from Air

Room air purifiers eliminate harmful chemicals from the environment, rendering the air clean. This is important because even if you close all your doors, the air around you still has a high concentration of toxic nitrogen dioxide. Thus, removing the toxic gas from your inhaled air is critical for a healthy life. Air purifiers can keep any accumulating smoke out of your surroundings that can cause trouble otherwise.


2. Room Air Purifiers Remove Unpleasant Odour from the Environment

Some volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released from paints and sprays result in unnecessary odor in your living space. These unpleasant odors can cause breathlessness, nausea, dizziness, and other diseases. However, with the help of room air purifiers, you can inhale clean air.


3. It Keeps You Healthy

Many omnipresent airborne pathogens are airborne diseases that can make you or your loved ones sick. When a single family member catches flu, it is very common that a chain reaction triggers among other family members, making home air purifiers necessary.


4. It Helps in a Peaceful Sleep

Home air purifiers are crucial to maintaining a healthy sleep routine. As bacteria and fungi in the air can result in various diseases, you disrupt your sleep after these problems. Buying air purifiers helps you stay away from these diseases, resulting in a peaceful sleep.


5. Inhaling Contaminated Air Reduces Life Expectancy

Inhaling polluted air is one of the most pressing reasons for increasing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. This means that chemicals that are supposed to help you stick in your lungs, reducing your life expectancy. Thus, home air purifiers assist you in filtering these particles from the air, which increases your life expectancy.


Air filtration system


Applications of Air Purifiers


The end goal of every air purifier is to clean the air, but it is essential to know what types of particles you can remove with these purifiers. So, where can you use these air cleaners, and how do they work? 


First of all, air purifiers keep you informed about any air contaminant polluting the air. It regularly checks the air pollution levels indoors, which keeps you informed about the level of contamination that you would inhale otherwise. After that, air purifiers act to remove these contaminants. Some of the most common but harmful air pollutants that can be filtered with these cleaners are:


  • Dust

  • Toxic Fumes

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Oil Mist

  • Harmful Odour

  • Industrial Contaminants



But residential places are not the only facility that you can clean with the help of these air purifiers. The application of air purifiers can range from your office to any industrial setup, from gyms to medical clinics, from cinema halls to shopping malls. These cleaners are designed to be used in any environment. For instance, in a software house, you want your computers to be safe from many air pollutants, specifically dust, and this can easily be done with an air purifier.



Filtration Process


TCL Breeva A2 is a 4-stage HEPA filtration system, which means that the contaminated air has to pass through 4 stages before reaching you. This removes most of the dust particles as it can filter out more than 99.97% of particles of 0.3μm or higher.

On the other hand, TCL Breeva A3 works on a 5-stage HEPA working technology that employs all the famous air purification methods at a separate stage individually. This means that the air will pass through a pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, UV-C, and negative ion filter before you can inhale it.


A5 filters employ the same technology as A3, which results in dust filtration via a 5-step process. Thus, this widespread filtration in these devices does not allow any airborne particles and bacteria to pass the final stage resulting in cleaner air.



How to Use Room Air Purifiers for Cleaning Purposes?


However, acquiring these air purifiers is not the end of the job, as you must know how to use them to get the intended results.

ㆍSet up the air purifiers as mentioned in the manual provided with the device.

ㆍAfter placing the air purifier on the flat surface, connect the electric socket and turn on the device.

ㆍSelect the wind speed if the device is not set up at the automated mode.

ㆍIn the automated mode, the device will choose the speed itself based on the air quality in its surrounding.

ㆍYou can also set the timer for the filter, which means that it will automatically be turned off after that time.

ㆍThe air quality can also be seen on the filter. In the case of TCL machines, white light shows excellent air quality, while yellow and red show moderate and poor air quality, respectively.

ㆍIf your device can work with smart control, you can download the brand's mobile app from the play store or App store. In the case of TCL air purifiers, get your apps from stores or scan the QR code given in the manual.

ㆍAfter downloading the app, configure your device to start using it smartly.



3 TCL Air Purifiers


TCL provides three top-notch room air purifiers to its global customers that are designed in a highly sophisticated way. These three air purifiers are:


TCL Breeva A2 Series

TCL Breeva A3 Series

TCL Breeva A5 Series


All of these air purifiers are capable enough to filter out pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

These air filtration systems work on auto-mode, which means that they can detect the pollutants in the air and keep the environment clean. All of these gadgets are ultra-silent, so you do not have to worry about their noise even at night. These home air purifiers can easily be controlled remotely with the help of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the TCL app. While A3WWK and A5WWK are 5-stage cleaning machines, A2WWK is 4-stage. By employing all the latest techniques, i.e., HEPA filtration technique, activated carbon technology, UV-C, and negative ion mechanism, these air cleaners set new standards in the air cleaning industry. A2 series is recommended for 24 m², A3 for 32 m², and A5 for 48 m² room capacity.




TCL is working in more than 160 countries worldwide and employs over 75,000 people. Being an industry of this size, TCL is delivering its customers quality electronic products that cannot be found anywhere else. TCL is famous for its televisions, but it didn’t stop developing more smart products for its global customers with other electronic gadgets, including room air purifiers. Besides this, TCL is manufacturing smartphones, tablets, refrigerators, soundbars, and robot vacuum cleaners, which is increasing its influence worldwide.



20, Jun, 2022

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