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TCL Europe Unveils Its Full New Range Of Domestic Appliances For An Easy Life At Home

Apr 12,2022

Apr 12,2022


[Paris, April 12th, 2022]: TCL Electronics, a leading consumer electronics company, reinforces its position in home comfort and expands its AI x IoT ecosystem to offer a fully connected and an easy life at home, with the ambition that multi-category products[1] will represent 30% of its turnover in Europe within 5 years. This Spring, TCL is growing its line-up with the launch of a new premium split air conditioner, a new P2 series of washing-machines with steam programs and auto-dose function, but also new connected models of Sweeva robot vacuum cleaners and Breeva air purifiers.


FreshIN, the new TCL premium split air conditioner


FreshIN visual


After introducing the first air conditioners in 2021 in Europe, TCL is demonstrating its dedication to design and innovation with the launch of its new premium split air conditioner: FreshIN. With several key premium features, this elegant product (available in 9K and 12K BTU models) will complement any space and prevents uncomfortable temperature fluctuations within a room. This new air conditioner features “FreshIN+” that will inform the user when the fresh air enters the room and direct the fresh air through the top.


The Temperature Balancing feature will avoid uncomfortable temperature fluctuations: after the fresh air is vented in, it will be either cooled down or warmed up to match the level required within 0.5°C precision control.


Thanks to its high-powered air engine, the FreshIN air conditioner could bring up to 60 cubic meters of fresh air per hour, which should quickly satisfy the needs of most indoor areas. TCL also created a highly efficient system using QuadriPuri Filters: the fresh air will pass through quadruple layers (a preliminary filter, a silver ion antibacterial layer, a HEPA high-efficiency filter and a high-density filter) to ensure efficient air purification.


In terms of design, its innovative 360° moving large louvre (360° Airflow) ensures wide-angle air blowing in every corner and evenly for the entire indoor space.


New P2 Series auto-dose washing machines with steam programs


P2 Series auto-dose washing machines


TCL introduces the P2 Series washing machines with steam programs to eliminate the most common bacteria and ensure the most hygienic results and protection. Its auto-dosing system intelligently calculates the precise amount of detergent, softener, and water necessary for each cycle to avoid overdose and underdose and also economizes cleaning products simultaneously. The Digital Inverter Technology[2] guarantees lower vibration levels, meaning a quieter, longer-lasting, and more reliable washing machine that uses less energy than a conventional motor.


With Auto Weight, the new TCL washing machines can also detect the weight of the laundry and then automatically adjust the water consumption and cycle duration according to the importance of the load. And to help users save time in their busy lives, P2 washing machines feature Quick Wash: this handy program allows them to end a wash cycle in just 15 minutes. The Spray Wash feature activates an automatic cleaning system at the end of each wash cycle to clean the door gasket. Targeted powerful water jets rinse away the left detergent and foaming to ensure a more hygienic wash for the laundry. A cleaner machine for cleaner clothes!


The new TCL P2 series washer&dryer also features the Air Refresh Program that removes odours and eliminates common bacteria in only 25 minutes without any detergent needed by generating micro vapour to penetrate the fibres. It, therefore, economizes not only detergent and water but will also prolong the garment’s life.


TCL P2 Series washing machines exist in 8kg, 9kg and 10kg.

TCL P2 Series washer&dryer exists in 8kg with 5kg drying capacity.



New 3000M & 3500M Sweeva robot vacuum cleaners


Following the excellent response to the award-winning Sweeva 6500 robot vacuum cleaner, which received the CES 2022 INNOVATION AWARD, TCL launches the Sweeva 3000M and 3500M vacuum cleaners.[3]




With 4 levels of suction power up to a maximum of 2,700 pascals, these new robot vacuum cleaners sweep and mop floors for a truly clean and dust free home. The side brush, together with the middle high-end rolling brush, quickly and efficiently pulls dirt, dust and hairs off different types of surfaces such as carpets and hard floors with efficient air flow system. The Auto Carpet Boost function will also be automatically activated when the machine moves onto the carpet from hard floor to optimize the cleaning performance. With the newly designed wet mopping system, water is absorbed into the mop from the 300ml large water tank and evenly distributed ruing mopping. The water flow can also be controlled and adjusted through the TCL Home App.


When users program the cleaning, the enhanced gyroscope navigation system ensures the coverage of the whole floor space without having to be controlled remotely, by detecting obstacles and objects. The new Sweeva will not be stopped by small steps or thick rugs with its crossing capability up to 20mm height. It will not either fall from the stairs nor bump against walls thanks to the cliff and proximity sensors.


With the UV-C light, the Sweeva not only cleans but will sterilize the floor to protect from harmful bacteria. The air outlet at the dust box is also equipped with an efficient washable HEPA filter who could filter pet dander, PM2.5, pollen, and harmful microbes with a size of above 0.3 microns, helping to keep clean and fresh air.


The Sweeva 3500M will automatically go back to the dustbin when it detects that the dust box is full. Then, the extra-large 4L auto-empty dustbin[4] will collect up to 8 times of all the trash from the dust box, allowing several weeks of use without the need to empty it.


Thanks to TCL Home App, users can take full control of their robot vacuum cleaner by distance, for examples to schedule cleaning, switch the UV-C light or adjust the water flow. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Sweeva 3000M & 3500M keep working for 180min, suitable for areas up to 200 m2.[5]



New Breeva Pro Series 700 & 400 air purifiers with a high-performance filtration system


Breeva Pro Series 700 & 400 air purifiers


TCL is also building on the success of its range of intelligent IoT small domestic appliances with new models of Breeva air purifiers: Breeva Pro series 700 and 400[6]. Designed for spaces of up to 84 square meters[7] and 42 square meters[8], these two TCL air purifiers feature a brand-new design with a highly efficient Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR).


They also include the powerful 5-stage filtration system breevaShieldTM, including a TRUE HEPA H13 filter: the filtration efficiency of this high-performance filter is more significant than 99.97% for 0.3 μm particles like dust, pollen, mites, bacteria, or PM2.5 (delicate particulate matter 2.5). Plus, numerous negative anions are generated through high-voltage ionization to accumulate and settle the tiny particles in the air to protect the consumer from toxins and dust. The UV rays destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria and microorganisms to achieve the effect of sterilization.


Thanks to a high-precision dual sensor (with a laser dust sensor to detect the concentration of particulate matter in the surrounding air in real-time,and a VOC sensor to see the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air such as formaldehyde, second-hand smoke or pet odours), Breeva Pro series continuously measures indoor air quality, and it automatically adjusts the purification level. A three-colour air quality indicator is displayed on the control panel according to the real-time air quality for quick and easy control.


Moreover, thanks to TCL Home Application, the user can take complete control of the Breeva air purifier by distance, schedule clean and ng, and check historical air quality data and the filter life, all directly from its smartphone. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.


Ultra-silent, the Breeva Pro Series noise level in sleep mode is as low as 26dB, even smaller than the sound of people whispering. At the same time, it runs at low power consumption. Plus, it supports control panel light off to minimize the effect of glare while sleeping.




About TCL Electronics

TCL Electronics (1070.HK) is a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Founded in 1981, it now operates in over 160 markets globally. TCL specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs, audio and smart home and mobile appliances.


Media Contacts:

Facebook: TCL Europe - The Creative Life / Twitter: @TCL_Europe / Instagram: tcl_europe



[1] All products excluding TV: air conditioner, major domestic appliance, IoT products, soundbars.
[2] TCL offers a 10 year warranty on its Digital Inverter Motor
[3] Available in May 2022
[4] Only available on Sweeva 3500M
[5] Tested on hard floor, on standard mode, by TCL IOT Lab
[6] The Breeva Pro Series 700 and 400 will be available in June.
[7] Breeva Pro 700
[8] Breeva Pro 400


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