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TCL Europe unveils new Mini-LED and QLED TVs, Soundbars and other multi-category products as well a new brand campaign for an exclusive experience of Euro 2021

Apr 14,2021

Apr 14,2021

TCL takes home comfort and entertainment to another level with its new TVs, soundbars, and full range of smart home appliance. The brand also comes back with exclusive campaigns which embodies the brand’s ambitions.


[Paris, April 13, 2021]: TCL Electronics (1070.HK), one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, introduces a full range of new products, including new Mini-LED and QLED TV models and soundbars, other smart home appliances under its forward-looking AI x IoT strategy as well as its brand-new application “TCL Home”. Today, in order to prepare Euro 2021 which is a key moment for its consumers, TCL Europe also launches its new brand campaign in various formats and channels. 


Looking back and forward


In 2020, TCL Electronics continued to focus on the “smart display” strategy, with technology advancement and product innovation as its core philosophy. During the year, the Company launched advanced smart products and services, grew market share and core competitiveness and achieved solid results against a challenging market.  According to Omdia, TCL TV market share by sales volume ranked Top 3 globally in 2020, and TCL LCD TV market share by sales volume jumped to Top 2 globally in 2020.


In Europe, TCL has been especially successful as TCL brand TV sales volume increased by 66.0% year-on-year. (source: TCL shipment data). 


Displaying Greatness in each of its product and innovation, TCL’s mission remains to make people's lives more intelligent, not only with our products, but also by leveraging our strengths to help consumers to create a connected ecosystem within their homes.


A full range of new products, for simpler and better life


This Spring, TCL Europe reinforces its leading position in global consumer electronics industry with the launch of its new TCL TV models and Soundbars, designed to deliver a comprehensive range of entertainment experience with exceptional audiovisual performance. 



Sport fans, games aficionados, TV shows & cinema lovers will be delighted to discover these new products that fulfil their expectations and appetite for entertainment and gaming experience. New TV releases include the TCL new C Series with 3 new TV models: C72C72+ and  C82 Series.


The C82 Series is an important addition to TCL’s continuous commitment to Mini-LED Display Technology, while the C72 and C72+ series elevate Quantum Dot Display Technology to a new level, which offers excellent value for those who want high-quality, interactive home entertainment as part of a connected and smart lifestyle. TCL Europe reveals also its new soundbar TS8132, a 3.1.2 Dolby Atmos soundbar with wireless subwoofer, provides both solid performance and amazing experience, and can satisfy any user’s auditory requirements and takes home entertainment to a new level.


Mostly known as a television brand in Europe, TCL also has a strong track record in all white goods categories in some markets like in China. The idea of home comfort is more important   than ever before and with its growing line-up of home comfort products, TCL helps you achieve an ideal home environment within an integrated, fully connected ecosystem. Launches of TCL MDA products include 3 refrigerators: RP 470CXE0, RP318BXE0 and RP 503SXE0; TCL’s P Series washing machines, Ocarina Air conditioner and NZ Portable Air Conditioner, and additional IoT domestic appliance, including breeva air purifiers and Sweeva robot vacuum cleaners.



Alongside all these new arrivals, TCL Europe sees the immense value of adding a smart experience to our home comfort products and electronic goods by integrating them into the world of connectivity. For this reason, in addition to Wi-Fi and easy voice control, TCL Europe is proud to announce they have developed a brand-new app to let users control their home comfort appliances from anywhere. With TCL Home App at its centre, this ecosystem will provide users with many options, such as voice control as well as a dashboard on TV. 


TCL’s new European brand campaign for Euro 2021, bringing even more entertainment during a key sports season


TCL Europe keeps innovating to improve consumers’ comfort of their home but does not stop there. Display Greatness is the strategy which guides not only every product it makes but also everything it does and every partnership it builds. 

TCL has a long history with sports sponsorships and international ambassadors. After the reveal of six of the most talented footballers as brand ambassadors, a powerful new digital and TV campaign goes live in April, ahead of Euro 2021. 


Take part in TCL Display Greatness Challenge


With the ambition to kick-start this Euro 2021 campaign, TCL Europe will call the audience to display their own greatness in an unique TCL Display Greatness Challenge. TCL will be pitting its legendary ambassadors against their own fans, on Fortnite. This special moment for all sports and gaming fans will be broadcasted live on the ever-growing streaming platform Twitch, available on TCL Android TVs. 

To participate in the challenge, the fans will enroll in a Twitch contest organized by six iconic gamers with huge communities. It will be a big confrontation with chats, talkshows, TCL prizes and interactions with the fans. Each six streamers will announce the big event’s date later on this week. 


“Sport brings people together and is a source of inspiration for everyone to strive to reach the ultimate standards of excellence just as TCL constantly strives for Display Greatness. We are very happy to be delivering these new products and campaign ahead of the Euro 2021, which will be thrilling indeed, for sports fans around Europe. We are glad that our great products contribute to reveal the magic of sport events and hopefully inspire people just like they inspire us.” Says Antoine Salomé, Marketing Director at TCL Europe. 



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Apr 14,2021

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