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TCL newest 2023 range in Domestic Appliances: The ideal home environment for consumers

Jun 19,2023

Jun 19,2023

Backed by TCL’s Industry Leading Home Appliance manufacturing, TCL Europe is launching a new range of products meeting evolving consumer preferences, to make homes more energy efficient, comfortable, cleaner, and smarter.



June 19, 2023 - TCL Electronics (1070.HK), one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, is also a key player in home appliances. While one of the major consumers’ priorities is to be more sustainable, energy efficient and reduce electricity bills, TCL is committed to provide them with low-energy home appliances. By innovating, TCL has improved these everyday products to make them more efficient and less impactful on the environment and people's budgets.


TCL new Fridge combines optimal conservation, energy savings, and ease of use

In line with research on market demand and consumers’ expectations, TCL Europe addresses three main concerns in its range of refrigerators: better food preservation, an efficient tech for a better home comfort, and design and convenience. This Spring, to go even further, the company is launching its new RP470CSE0 model. 



Equipped with the Inverter compressor, alternating between full power and off ("On-Off" mode), it operates linearly and continuously adjusts its speed, unlike a standard compressor that operates intermittently. The speed automatically adjusts itself according to the temperature variations detected, which ensures a better temperature stability inside the refrigerator for a better preservation of the food. By avoiding successive restarts, this type of compressor is more economical in electricity, quieter, and has a longer service life.


Thanks to Multi Air Flow, cold air is distributed evenly at each level of food storage. Better air circulation and faster return to the target temperature guarantee better food preservation.

Total No Frost allows the temperature to be more uniform in the refrigerator and the freezer not to frost.

The Power Cool and Power Freeze functions allow users to quickly return to an optimal temperature by temporarily lowering the temperature to 2C° in refrigerator and -24C in freezer°. Quickly chill and freeze newly purchased food by activating those two functions on external display.


Convenient to use, the Touch Screen Digital Display allows precise temperature adjustment for each compartment, direct access to optional functions without opening the doors.

Lateral Led Lighting is ideally positioned at the front of the shelves, on each side, to ensure visibility of the food stored on each level of your fridge. No more obstacles blocking the diffusion of light. See clearly and find your food easily.

And finally, the Holiday Mode is specially designed to empty the refrigerator but to keep the freezer running normally when you go away for a long period like holiday.


TCL new A-Energy Class washing machines: products that are good for environment... and budget

TCL A-Energy Class washing machines


When it comes to laundry, customers expect the very best hygiene standards, but also more eco-friendly features. TCL's technology allows consumers to have an eco-friendly machine with affordable budget. Rated as A-class in energy efficiency, the latest TCL washing machines have a lower environmental impact: users could save 50% in energy consumption compared to a low rated washing machine. New TCL F3 and P3 Series are the products perfectly adapted to today's consumers and concerns.


New F3 and P3 Series are made up of TCL BLDC Inverter Motor. Efficient and durable, it guarantees the machine last longer and more silent: this Brushless Digital Inverter Technology allows the washing machine’s motor to rotate at the optimum speed for the load. This results in lower levels of vibration meaning a quieter, longer lasting, and more reliable washing machine that uses less energy than conventional washing machines. In addition, TCL A-energy class washing machines automatically adjust water consumption and cycle duration according to the weight of the load.


With TCL washing machines, laundry is clean, soft, and well cared for. The steam program eliminates most common bacteria to guarantee the best hygienic protection. In the P3 Series, an anti-bacteria gasket is also integrated for a cleaner machine. It is coated with antibacterial material which can effectively inhibit the production of bacteria and mildew, keeping laundry clean and hygienic.

While it boats a sleek and elegant design, the new TCL P3 Series is also equipped with an extra-large 360mm Drum Opening that makes it so much easier to load and unload bulky fabrics.

For F3 and P3 Series, a unique hexagonal honeycomb design in combination with stronger S-shaped spray lifter provide the gentlest treatment for perfectly clean laundry with the minimum of wrinkles. Thanks to this design, even the most delicate fabrics looking as good as new. Moreover, to ensure the care of the laundry, the drum is always clean by the Drum Clean program who uses high temperature and high spinning speed to eliminate bacteria and allergens of the washing machine.

TCL F3 and P3 Series


A complete range of innovative TCL Air Conditioners with new FRESH IN and GENTLE COOL Series


When it comes to household appliances, air conditioning units are particularly important to maintain good health. Starting with consumers needs in mind, as usual, TCL offers a complete line-up of air conditioning product, equipped with key features. TCL’s mission to give consumers access to a healthier air circulation within the home has led to the development of cutting-edge technology which but expels any poor-quality air from the inside out. 

TCL Air Conditioners


To offer an even healthier, smarter, and more comfortable experience, TCL has introduced its TCL FreshIN Series with updated features and latest AC technologies. With this industry first, two-way fresh air replacement system, the TCL FreshIN+ Technology 2.0 effectively ‘breathes’ in a similar way to the human body.

• The FreshIn AC will let you know when the fresh air comes into your room and direct the fresh air through the top panel.

• Then, with its high-powered air engine, it ensures up to 60 m3 fresh air is circulated every hour, largely meeting the needs of most indoor living areas.

• With the four-layer filtration system, including an HEPA high efficiency filter, it creates an indoor environment filled with sufficient oxygen levels, while maintaining a comfortable temperature level.

•  Finally, the air is also passed through a heat exchanger and either cooled or heated to be consistent with the current indoor temperature, with ±0.5℃ precision control to avoid uncomfortable temperature fluctuation.

Last but not least, the FreshIN upgrade is now more intuitive and intelligent thanks to its built-in sensor, detecting volatile organic compounds in the air and initiating the breathing mode.


In addition, the TCL GENTLECOOL Series air conditioner incorporates a wide range of powerful functions aimed at maintaining the harmonious balance of a cool, clean, and pleasant living space.

• First, the patented Gentle Breeze technology creates a soft and laminar airflow, to avoid harsh drafts.

• Then, the "Smart Inverter" technology - using AI - ensures the most energy efficient performance, making TCL’s ACs more eco and wallet friendly. This allows energy savings of up to 60% to be made, when compared with standard ACs models.

• Last but not least, the TCL GENTLECOOL series comes with many intelligent control options, including electricity consumption monitoring and clean reminder.

When it is time for a manual clean, a reminder will automatically flash up on the AC display or the TCL HOME app. It also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

tcl gentlecool


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